0857 Or 0881 Card What? This is the complete Indonesian operator prefix code

Gadgetren – When you receive a call from an unknown person or relative whose contact is not saved, you will see four numbers on the front starting with 08xx.

For example, 0857 for Indosat IM3 or 0813 for Telkomsel simPATI. Now the first four digits are usually called prefix number code which will show the number identity of each operator or provider.

Knowing the prefix number will make it easier for you to determine the fees that will be charged when you call in person or when you want to help top up your credit.

Additionally, prefix number codes can also be used to facilitate grouping a card for prepaid or postpaid services. Several operators currently operating in Indonesia consist of Telkomsel, XL Axiata (XL & AXIS), Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Mentari, Indosat IM3, 3 ), and Smartfren which of course has different prefix numbers.

Operator prefix code in Indonesia


PT Telekomunikasi Selular or commonly called Telkomsel is one of the old providers that were present in Indonesia. Telkomsel offers various services ranging from SMS, phone, internet, entertainment to games to meet the needs of its users.

Telkomsel also has a variety of services starting from the prepaid card consisting of simPATI, Loop and AS cards. While the Halo card is a Postpaid service from this red operator.

  • 0811: Hello Card
  • 0812: SimPATI or Halo card
  • 0813: simPATI card
  • 0821: simPATI card
  • 0822: Kartu Loop
  • 0823: US Card
  • 0851: Card AS or from.U
  • 0852: US Card
  • 0853: US card

Meanwhile, Telkomsel has also launched a digital operator called by.U, which is fully digital-based. Although the first 4 by.U prefix numbers are 0851. However, there are additional prefix codes to identify the service, such as 085155, 085156, 085157 and 085158.

XL Axiata

XL Axiata currently hosts two cards that have many users in the country, namely XL and AXIS. XL itself comes up with services that are priced differently to reach out to different groups. While AXIS usually has support for SMS, phone and internet packages at relatively more affordable prices.

  • 0817: Prepaid XL or Explor with 10 to 12 digits
  • 0818: Prepaid XL or Explor with 10 to 12 digits
  • 0819: Prepaid XL or Explor with 10 to 12 digits
  • 0859: Prepaid XL or Explor with 12 digits
  • 0877: Prepaid XL or Explor with 12 digits
  • 0878: Prepaid XL or Explor with 12 digits
  • 0813: AXIS with 10 to 12 digit numbers
  • 0832: AXIS with 10 to 12 digits
  • 0833: AXIS with 10 to 12 digit numbers
  • 0838: AXIS with 12 digit number

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison

After the merger between Indosat Ooredoo and Tri Indonesia, now Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison officially oversees several services consisting of Prepaid Indosat Ooredoo, Postpaid Indosat Ooredoo and Tri to have prefix numbers that are no less different.

  • 0855: Indosat Matrix
  • 0856: Indosat IM3
  • 0857: Indosat IM3
  • 0858: Mentari Indosat
  • 0814: Broadband Indosat M2
  • 0815: Indosat Matrix or Mentari
  • 0816: Indosat Matrix or Mentari
  • 0895: Prepaid or Prepaid Tri
  • 0896: Prepaid or Prepaid Tri
  • 0897: Prepaid or Prepaid Tri
  • 0898: Prepaid or Prepaid Tri
  • 0899: Prepaid or Prepaid Tri


Smartfren is the first carrier to support e-SIM in Indonesia. This provider also provides internet, SMS and phone services at affordable rates from past to present.

  • 0881: Prepaid or Prepaid Smartfren
  • 0882: Prepaid or Prepaid Smartfren
  • 0883: Supplementary or Prepaid Smartfren
  • 0884: Supplementary or Prepaid Smartfren
  • 0885: Supplementary or Prepaid Smartfren
  • 0886: Supplementary or Prepaid Smartfren
  • 0887: Supplementary or Prepaid Smartfren
  • 0888: Supplementary or Prepaid Smartfren
  • 0889: Supplementary or Prepaid Smartfren

In addition to the prefix number, of course you have also seen phone numbers that start with +62 instead of 0 ​​when making calls or registering an account online.

For those of you who don’t know, +62 is Indonesia’s own country code for international communication network connectivity set and defined by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which is under the auspices of the UN organization (United Nations).

The ITU itself actually divides country codes for international communications network connectivity into 9 Zones, where Indonesia is included in Zone 6 for Oceania, Australia and others.

Several country codes within Zone 6 have codes that are almost consecutive, such as Malaysia with +60, Australia with +61, Indonesia with +62, Philippines with +63, Singapore with +65, Thailand with +66 and others.

The plus sign (+) in front of the numbers also plays an important role in indicating the country code because without this sign it is just an ordinary number. Using the +62 country code for Indonesia, it can be reached both abroad and domestically.

If you call using only 08xx instead of +628xx on the front of the number, the communication range will only be within Indonesia. So using +62 is very useful for international communication.

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