6 features of this Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV make gaming more satisfying

Gadgetren – The presence of various gaming devices, both consoles, laptops and PC games, has encouraged TV manufacturers to innovate to provide features that optimize gaming to make it more satisfying.

One of them is Samsung Electronics, which recently launched a 43″ (43QN90C) 4K Neo QLED TV for IDR 13,499,000 and a 50″ TV (50QN90C) for IDR 17,999,000.

Previously, Samsung itself had revealed five great features of the Neo QLED 8K, its bigger brother, which offers 8K AI Upscaling technology to increase the resolution of the image quality to make it more vivid.

Now it’s the turn of Neo QLED 4K, which was introduced by Samsung, which provides six key functions to treat users who like to play console games like PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

The Gadgetren team also has the opportunity to enjoy movie content and play games on the Neo QLED 4K screen, which is capable of presenting quality images, smooth movements, and is supported by sound or audio with advanced functions.

Features of GameBar 3.0


The Game Bar feature is a key feature on Samsung’s two new TVs, the Neo QLED 4K and 8K. This feature is easy to use via a dedicated button available on the default remote control.

The Gambe bar will appear at the bottom of the screen when you press the button for a long time. Visually the Game Bar displays settings to optimize the game on screen, such as through the Minimap Zoom feature which displays the minimap in a 16:9 ratio.

Then, Minimap Sharing mode for a multi-screen gaming experience, Virtual Aim Point mode for better aiming at targets when playing first-person shooter (FPS) games with the support of red artificial shooting marks on the screen.

To make the movement of images in games smoother and more cinematic, use Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro mode with 4K resolution and 144 Hz refresh rate. In addition, users can enable the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro feature to properly synchronize the frame rates of the TV and the GPU.

Screen ratio


Playing games will definitely be more exciting if the field of view can be wider so that users can see the enemies earlier. Samsung also provides a screen ratio function that allows users to choose the ratio of images on the screen, including 16:9, 21:9. and 32:9.

In addition, if you want to view content with two screen windows, users can also enable MultiView mode to watch different content at the same time. Unfortunately, this feature cannot display two game content at the same time, since the refresh rate will be automatically reduced.

Empat HDMI 2.1 port


When the Gadgetren team tests games on the Neo QLED 4K screen, this TV can be connected to four gaming devices at the same time, including PC, XBox, PS 5 and Nintendo Switch. If you want to use one of these devices, we simply change the connection on the fly with the remote control. Samsung claims this feature is rarely found on other smart TVs.

Quantum Mini LEDs


To present true-to-life images with precise contrast in detail, Neo QLED 4K is based on Quantum Mini LED technology that is 1/40 in size. In addition, it is equipped with 14-bit HDR Contrast to display objects in detail.

Up to Shape Adaptive Light Control to produce sharper and cleaner image quality, as well as accurate and Pantone-validated colors that allow users to play games in dark or bright room lighting.

EyeComfort function


An eye health protection feature is also provided with the EyeComfort function, which allows users to play games longer without eye strain. This function works to adjust the color tone and brightness level based on the ambient lighting conditions.

Users can also remove the slightest reflection of light on the screen for the convenience of enjoying graphics without any discomfort with the Anti Reflection function.

Realistic and immersive sound


Audio is important for playing games. Samsung also provides audio features that can make the sound coming out of the speakers more alive so they can produce detailed sounds.

Neo QLED 4K audio is supported by Dolby Atmos which can deliver 3D surround sound. In addition, the Q-Symphony TV function allows sound to be produced more explosively through the Samsung soundbar.

Users will also be able to hear sound from the Neo QLED 4K with more detail and dynamics in line with on-screen movements through Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+). This feature can help game players distinguish between sounds coming from different directions.

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