6 Pros and Cons of Infinix HOT 30 – Really Fast?

Gadgetren – Competing in the mid-range mobile segment, Infinix has launched the HOT 30 with specifications and features that can support the daily activities of its users.

Following the current trends, the Infinix HOT 30 is equipped with an NFC (Near Field Communication) function that can help you make digital payments quickly and conveniently.

This device also has a display that fills the front. There is a hole at the top which is used to store the front camera and reduce the screen bezel.

This device also uses a large capacity battery that is claimed to last a long time. Meanwhile, to know more about this mobile phone, you can check out a review of its pros and cons as follows.

Advantages of Infinix HOT 30

1. Smooth running of apps and games

The Infinix HOT 30 runner is entrusted with the MediaTek Helio G88 (12nm) Octa-Core chipset, which is equipped with the MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 Lite Gaming mode so that it can improve the performance while running games.

There are also Dar-Link 3.0 Gaming and Game Boost functions that can make the gaming experience more immersive. There is also a Link-Booming function that can increase the ability of the Internet network to be more stable and faster, which reduces network latency by 25% and power consumption by 10%.

Infinix HOT 30 Chipset

Based on Infinix’s internal tests, this mobile managed to get a score of 253,433 points. Without limitation, GPU performance is claimed to be 12% better than Snapdragon 680

This device is equipped with 8GB of RAM which is able to handle multitasking activities from games and apps smoothly. There’s even a RAM expansion feature that can showcase up to 8GB of virtual RAM.

The combination of the total RAM it has is claimed to make the Infinix HOT 30 capable of running 18 apps simultaneously. There is also a 10% increase in app opening speed.

2. A screen that is comfortable on the eyes

The Infinix HOT 30 is equipped with a 6.78-inch IPS display that has a Full HD+ (2460 x 1080 pixels) resolution so that it can display content clearly and comfortably.

Infinix HOT 30 screen

The 90Hz refresh rate allows the screen to display smooth transitions between menus and game animations. There is also a touch sample rate of up to 270Hz which makes finger touch very responsive.

The screen-to-body ratio reaches 91% and the small frame allows users to view content freely. While Eye Care Mode is able to reduce blue light radiation so that the user’s eyes are more awake.

Widevine L1 certification is also included, so it can stream video on Netflix, Amazon Prime, VIU, Vidio and YouTube in Full HD resolution.

3. Unique design

To attract attention, Infinix also presents a unique design on the Infinix HOT 30 by providing curved line embellishments on the back of the body and using plastic material in a glass-like shape.

To add a more glamorous impression, the Infinix HOT 30 comes with a choice of three colors consisting of Racing Black, Surfing Green and Sonic White.

Infinix HOT 30 Back

Still on the back, there are three large circles consisting of two circles for the camera placed vertically and one circle to house the LED flash. Just at the bottom right are the words Infinix.

With a thickness of 8.4 mm and a weight of 196 grams, the Infinix HOT 30 can be comfortably held with one hand. While the edges use a flat frame.

4. Long battery life

Armed with a 5,000mAh battery capacity, the Infinix HOT 30 is claimed to last 9 hours for playing games, 30 hours for watching streaming videos, 45 hours for making calls or 34 days on standby.

It is natural that the battery life of this device is very long because usually the use is not very intensive when it is in standby mode.

Infinix HOT 30 Battery

There is an Ultra Power Saving Mode which when active will make it last 2 hours on the phone or 24 hours on standby even though the battery percentage is only 5%.

Support for 33W fast charging mode allows charging the Infinix HOT 30 battery in just 30 minutes. This of course means that users don’t have to wait long for it to be ready to use.

5. Good quality 50MP camera

In the field of photography, the Infinix HOT 30 is equipped with two rear cameras consisting of a 50 MP main camera (f/1.6 aperture) and an AI Portrait camera that allows taking bokeh photos quickly and easily.

By default, the main camera will produce 12.5MP photos because it uses 4-in-1 pixel binning technology, which can combine 4 small pixels into 1 large pixel to absorb more light and produce richer colors.

Infinix HOT 30 camera

However, the main camera can also be used to instantly produce higher resolution photos by activating the 50 MP or HD (High Definition) mode.

There is also a Super Night Mode that allows photos at night to be brighter and with minimal noise compared to using the automatic mode.

The front camera has a resolution of 8 MP which can be used for selfies, vlogs and video calls. While the rear camera can record video up to 1440p 30fps, the front camera can only record video up to 1080p 30fps.

Cons of Infinix HOT 30

1. Don’t have an Ultrawide camera

It’s a shame that the Infinix HOT 30 doesn’t have an ultra-wide camera, even though many mid-range phones already use this type of camera.

Infinix HOT 30 camera

The ultra-wide camera itself makes it easy to take wide-area photos instantly. This way, like it or not users have to use the Panorama mode, which requires slowly panning the camera from left to right or vice versa.

Later photos from the Panorama mode will be stitched together to create a large area photo unit. But of course this is more difficult than an ultra-wide-angle camera, so it is very important that it is built into today’s mobile phones.

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