After the pandemic recovery, fashion products are the best sellers on Tokopedia

Gadgetren – Shopping trends on e-commerce Tokopedia are reported to have changed since the pandemic, from health products to fashion.

This was conveyed by Ekhel Chandra Wijaya as Tokopedia Head of Corporate Affairs in a discussion with the media crew at the Tokopedia Tower Jakarta office. The shift of people’s shopping habits on Tokopedia from health products to fashion based on data from the period of Ramadan to Eid 1444.

From March 23 to April 22, 2023, the products in the fashion category that people are most interested in on Tokopedia include T-shirts, shoes and scarves. The growing interest of users in shopping for fashion products on Tokopedia, for Ekhel, shows that many people are currently leaving their homes to go to work or school.

In this way they are now more concerned about their appearance needs than their health needs during a pandemic. One of the fashion products that also has a turnover of hundreds of millions of rupees on Tokopedia is Universal Sajdah offering religious paraphernalia, one of which is a simple patterned prayer rug.

In addition to the increase in fashion products, Tokopedia customers during Ramadan and Eid 2023 are also very interested in buying household essentials and food and beverages online.

When it comes to household essentials during Ramadan and Eid 2023, many are purchased through Tokopedia Now and Tokopedia Nyam functions.


Tokopedia Now is Tokopedia’s core service to meet users’ daily needs, including fresh ingredients for sahoor and iftar dishes, which can be delivered immediately within a maximum of 2 hours after payment and free shipping.

Then, the Tokopedia Nyam feature also increases the habits of people to buy food or drinks with the most popular products, namely dates, honey and food parcels. One of the food products that also sold well during the month of Ramadan and Eid 2023 on Tokopedia was Brulee.

Bruule’s products are included in the Tokopedia Nyam feature. With many features on Tokopedia helping the sales of Bruule, this food product now has many branches on Tokopedia spread across Depok, Jakarta, Bandung with an average increase of 4 times transactions during the month of Ramadan compared to normal months.

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