Be careful, a virus warning appears when you open BCA Mobile Banking

Gadgetren – The virtual world is now alive with issues that narrate the appearance of a trojan virus covering the top view of the BCA Mobile application. This information was first circulated in one of the WA (WhatsAap) groups and spread massively on social media.

This also makes the public, especially BCA customers using the BCA Mobile app, worried. They often start asking questions Official BCA Twitter account which advises customers to be cautious.

In addition to Twitter, BCA has also sent circulars to many places that have been confirmed by the Gadgetren team and officially issued by BCA.

On the other hand, as Riri Rahayu’s report on TEMPO.CO explained that BCA through Jahja Setiaatmadja as President Director of PT Bank Central Asia said that this is a social media creation that spreads fear.

So far, according to Jahja, his party has not received direct complaints from customers in the form of reports of losses due to the pop-up virus feature on the BCA Mobile app. So, according to Jahja, the theme of pop-ups appearing in the BCA Mobile app can be called a hoax.

Jahja also advised customers to ignore it and not be affected by this issue. It is estimated that the display of pop-ups on BCA Mobile could lead to social engineering actions where, if customers are challenged, there may be people taking advantage of this opportunity.

Meanwhile, through the official statement submitted by Hera F. Haryn as EVP of Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility, she said that customers should always be careful and not click anything when they see pop up on BCA app.

BCA customers are advised to always exercise caution when installing apps from outside the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or other official stores and please update them to the latest version.


Hera emphasized that BCA, through its various products such as BCA Mobile, always strives to prioritize the security and convenience of customers in transactions. He also appealed to all BCA customers not to give confidential data to any party including relatives or next of kin.

The important data reported includes Personal Identification Number (PIN), One Time Password (OTP), Password, BCA Answer Key and Card Verification Code (CVC) or Card Verification Value (CVV).

In addition, BCA customers are also requested to pay attention to sources of information obtained from official BCA channels, such as the Halo BCA app, the official Halo BCA number at 1500888 (without 021, +0621 or other additions), the BCA Bank WhatsApp number 08111500998, the official BCA Bank website, which has a green tick at wwwcagoodli, at @ca.

Official BCA Information Letter

On a different occasion, Alfons Tanujaya as a cyber security expert from Lilincom also suggested to always install apps from official stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Because if you install the Android APK app manually it can threaten the security of the device system. However, if this happens to you and you accidentally install a modified APK, then it’s best not to press any buttons.

You can close the app immediately by opening the recent app mode at the bottom left of the screen with a three-line icon, then swipe up to close the app. Then proceed with deleting the app and reinstalling it from the official channel.

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