Dyson officially sells vacuum cleaners

Gadgetren – After being introduced yesterday in May 2023, Dyson has officially brought to Indonesia a vacuum cleaner that can also mop while called Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine.

Apart from the vacuum cleaners that can mop while mopping, Dyson also brought two other products which include the Dyson Big+Quiet Formaldehyde Air Purifier and the Dyson Flyaway Smoother Hair Styler.

In terms of availability, the Dyson Flyaway Smoother can be purchased in Indonesia through the shopping website and the nearest Dyson Demo and Mall Demo Zone stores such as the Dyson Demo Store at Pondok Indah Mall 3 and Grand Indonesia. The price is IDR 8,499,000.

Meanwhile, two other products, namely the Dyson Big + Quiet Formaldehyde Air Purifier and the Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine Vacuum Cleaner, will only be available in Indonesia on July 18, 2023.

In terms of price, the Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine Vacuum Cleaner retails for IDR 16,999,000 and can be purchased through the Dyson website, Dyson Demo Store and Mall Demo Zone. Similarly, the Dyson Big + Quiet Formaldehyde Air Purifier is available with prices starting at IDR 18,999,000.

In order to get more satisfaction before purchase, buyers can also try each of Dyson’s newest products directly by visiting the Dyson Consumer Event at Main Atrium Grand Indonesia from 18 to 30 July 2023.

Each of these new Dyson products offers sophisticated technological support. Starting with the Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine vacuum cleaner that is capable of removing dust, allergens and microscopic particles from various surfaces.


This product is powered by a Dyson Hyperdymium motor that has a speed of up to 125,000 rpm with a powerful suction power of 140 watts of air. In addition, this product is equipped with a suction machine that can easily remove long hair and pet hair.

Of course, the Dyson Submarine wet roller head dispenses just the right amount of water to effectively remove spills, stubborn stains and small debris. This tool works wirelessly.

Next, the Dyson Big + Quiet Formaldehyde air purifier uses Cone Aerodynamics, a new airflow system that can produce twice the airflow of the previous model up to 87 liters per second.

Cone Aerodynamics uses the Coanda effect to combine two air currents on a smooth surface to produce a powerful gust of air. In addition to powerful airflow, the air cleaner also uses a redesigned motor position to produce maximum airflow with minimal noise.


This Dyson air purifier can clean the air in large rooms that has better filtration than the previous generation of AI-based sensors, so it can diffuse clean air up to 10 meters.

Finally, the Dyson Flyaway Smoother can be used by users to achieve the desired hairstyle just like in a salon. This tool has multiple functions at the same time as a round comb, hair styling or Dyson Styling Concentrator and hair dryer.

To dry hair, this tool is powered by a small Dyson Hyperdymium motor that spins up to 110,000 rpm. Its power is claimed to be 6 times faster than other hair dryer motors.


In the purchase package, this Dyson hair dryer comes with various accessories, including a Gentle Air attachment, a smoothing nozzle and a Styling Condenser. There are two modes namely Smoothing and Flyaway.

Smoothing is for drying, styling and smoothing hair while Flyaway mode is for smoothing static hair and creating a glossy finish.

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