Erafone stores now sell 32″ and 43″ Smart TVs

Gadgetren – Already known as a store that sells mobile phones and other gadgets, now they are stores Eraphone ready to expand its product portfolio to Smart TVs from various popular brands.

The inauguration of Smart TV product presence at Erafone outlet was held by Erajaya Digital at Eraspace Treasury Tower Lt. 57, District 8 Lot 28, Senayan, Jakarta. Smart TV brands that will be available at some Erafone stores include LG, Polytron, Realme, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TCL, Toshiba and Xiaomi.

Smart TV products of this brand are currently available with a total of 75% in some Erafone stores in Indonesia. But for now the most complete variant is the Smart TV brand from Samsung and Xiaomi.

Meanwhile, for other brands, it will gradually follow its availability in all existing stores. To liven up the Smart TV product launch at the Erafone store, interestingly, Erajaya Digital is providing various promotions that buyers can enjoy until 31st May 2023.

Buyers can get discounts on certain Smart TV models and trade in their used gadgets by combining up to five items such as mobile phones, wearables, headsets, laptops and tablets to buy a Smart TV.

Of course, the expansion of Smart TV products in the Erafone store has a reason. Erajaya Digital, through Stanly Widjaya, as the Head of Merchandise and Planning for Erajaya Digital, disclosed that the presence of Smart TVs in Erafone stores is due to several factors.

The first factor is the growing growth of digital transformation, including access to the Internet, especially video-on-demand streaming services that are increasingly being consumed by Indonesians.


In addition, the government has switched off Analog TV, which means that people have to follow the changes in digital reception of information, i.e. switching to Smart TV, which already supports DVB-T2 mode to receive digital broadcasts.

In this way, according to Stanly, the need for Smart TVs is predicted to be very high, so his party wants to make it easier for customers to buy the latest Smart TVs through Erafone stores located throughout Indonesia.

Most of the Smart TV products sold at Erafone stores are in the entry-level to mid-range category with sizes ranging from 32″ to 43″. However, Erafone will also provide TVs up to 65″, which are only available on certain outlets.

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