Genshin Impact Update Version 3.7 Coming soon, here are the new features

Gadgetren – hoYoverse has once again provided an update for the game Genshin Impact, which this time is via the version 3.7 update. Released from May 24, 2023, this update is expected to deliver a more exciting game than before.

Some of the updates include over 60 new TCG cards, game modes, new seasonal events for the Genius Invocation TCG, and the introduction of a new character named Kirara. Therefore, the 3.7 Genshin Impact update has a theme titled Duel! The Summoners Summit!

The 3.7 update can be said to bring major updates to the Genius Invocation TCG, such as an increasingly diverse collection of TCG cards, new arenas, PVP mode and PVE mode.

PVP mode will be present in Champion’s Arena where players can become champion by winning duels five times. However, players must repeat the challenge if they have lost three times.

Meanwhile, the PVE mode is where players can choose the difficulty level and additional conditions to get more points. In this update, players will attend the Invocation King Championship, which is an international tournament held in Teyvat.

Don’t forget that a journalist who came from Fontaine and works for the Steambird newspaper named Charlotte will also be covering the tournament along with the strange happenings that happened at the location. In addition, there are informal Invocation Impromptu tournaments and duels with predetermined decks.

King-of-Invocations-Grand-Prix Events

Additionally, players interested in the Genius Invocation TCG will be able to try the Immortal Mechanical Painting or Dice Tactics games. Meanwhile, Immortal Mechanic Painting requires participants to assemble a TCG card painting from a messy collection of mechanics and tools, while Dice Tactics is a battle challenge that uses random Elemental Dice to practice special skills.

Additionally, a new character named Kirara will also liven up the 3.7 update. This four-star character has a sword weapon with the Dendro element. Kirara is a courier who is very much in charge of Inazuma.

Kirara is so adept at changing forms that in battle he can unleash his Nekomata Elemental Skill in two forms, including the Dendro Shield that appears with a flying kick or transforms into Urgent Neko Parcel which is more agile and can deal DMG Dendro when it hits the enemy.


Kirara will appear in the 3.7 Request event in its first half along with the return of Yoimiya and Yae Miko. While the second half will bring back the characters Kaedehara Kazuha and Alhaitham.

Players can also take part in a long journey to Sumeru with Yoimiya in the Story Quest titled Chapter Carassius Auratus: Bag II or visit and meet the talented architect Kaveh in the Invitation Event.

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