Genshin Impact Version 3.8 will be released soon with Summer Theme

Gadgetren – The popular ARPG game from HoYoverse, namely Genshin Impact, is rumored to release its latest update 3.8 on July 5, 2023.

This update is titled “Secret Summer Paradise” which will introduce a new open world game, summer fun attractions and various prizes. In addition, HoYoverse provides new costumes for the characters Klee and Kaeya.

In this update there will be a new area called Veluriyam Mirage which features high mountains, forested valleys, dark caves and various fun attractions. To explore Veluriyam Mirage, two game modes are provided, one of which is Choo-Choo Cart which takes players around the area in a rollercoaster like experience.

Another feature is Preprint which will teleport players into a 2D world to solve puzzles and obtain treasures. While exploring this new area, players can pick up Joyeux tokens to exchange for prizes like Kaeya’s new outfit.

In Veluriyam Mirage you can also find four special events and attractions that offer various prizes, including a free download of the Layla character. The four events are the water cannon shooting game “Spino Blaster”, the battle challenge “Dance of Flashing Thought”, the air race “Sojourns of the Barking Fox” and the board game “Bing-Bang Finchball”.

In addition to the new event, there is new content in the Genius Invocation TCG, namely the PvE mode “The Forge Realm’s Temper: Endless Swarm”, where players will fight against unlimited waves of enemies in a certain number of rounds, and there are three new character cards namely Candace , Yanfei and Kaedehara Kazuha.

In the first half of the Genshin Impact update, Klee and Eula will reappear, while in the second half, Sangonomiya Kokomi and Wanderer will reappear. The characters Klee and Kaeya will also gain new consumers and Kaeya will gain her own Hangout Event.

Interestingly, HoYoverse also has a one-minute long teaser showing the city and underwater view of the new area, namely Fontaine City. This new city is said to be launched in the near future this year.

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