Google announces its first foldable mobile phone, the Pixel Fold

Gadgetren – Finally, Google officially confirms the presence of its first foldable phone through the Pixel Fold through a teaser video on the channel YouTube hers.

This foldable mobile phone will be unveiled at the annual tech launch event Google I/O 2023 on May 10, 2023. In Google’s recently released teaser video which is only 8 seconds long, Google only shows the shape and design of its foldable phone.

While the details regarding the official specifications remain under wraps. In the teaser video, it looks like the Pixel Fold will have a design and shape similar to the foldable device released by Samsung, namely the Galaxy Z Fold series.

The Pixel Fold design will bring the side opening design and the hinge design is also similar to the Galaxy Z Fold. When the Pixel Fold is folded, there’s a second screen that fills the front. While the screen inside when opened will be large in size so that users can be more satisfied with accessing content on the main screen.

Then, from the teaser video it can also be seen that there is one camera above the main display, which is not yet known what the resolution is. Other than that, the Pixel Fold’s rear camera unit is similar to other Pixel phones out there.

Google Pixel Fold

The Pixel Fold’s rear camera unit stands out with a horizontal shape in which the camera is mounted and there is an LED Flash light. The color shown in the teaser video is white on the back of the body with the Google logo easily visible in the middle.

Although Google has not officially revealed the features that the Pixel Fold will bring, rumors about the specifications of this foldable device have been widely discussed online. One of the rumors said that the Pixel Fold mobile phone will have a screen size of 5.8″ when folded and when opened it will show a 7.6″ tablet screen.

The Pixel Fold will be powered by the Google Tensor G2 processor. It is also reported that the Pixel Fold foldable mobile phone will feature powerful folding or hinge technology. The price will be in the range of more than 1700 USD or the equivalent of Rp 24.9 million.

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