Google introduces advanced AI technology capabilities in its search engine

Gadgetren – After announcing Bard AI technology for its search engine, at the Google I/O event Google finally officially introduced an AI search feature for its browser.

By building artificial intelligence into its search engine, Google hopes that users can find and sort information more easily. This artificial intelligence genetic search can only be tried in the United States via Google Chrome on Desktop and the Google app on Android and iOS devices.

Users can start a search with a question and the genetic AI will automatically display the full answer. After that, if the user wants to get more detailed information, they can tap the Request Follow function to follow the topic in more depth.

Then all information related to the topic we want to do along with website links and YouTube video views will be displayed based on the Google algorithm according to the best content.

If you want to get more in-depth information, users can click on one of these websites or in video format. In addition to helping users search and sort information more precisely on target, genetic artificial intelligence in search engines can also direct users to shop and choose the right product.


Users can also get more detailed product information in one search, such as product descriptions, including relevant and up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices and images. Google said it will continue to populate relevant websites that are helpful for users to find complete information through AI.

Relying on advertising as an important part of how the web works, Google also believes it can help users find relevant products and services so that future ads continue to appear in specific positions on search pages.

Google also promises that in the future it will continue to improve this AI-based search engine. Google has now opened registration for genetic AI experiments in search in the United States, and users will be able to start accessing the feature in the coming weeks.

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