Google is starting to release password change password, what is it?

Gadgetren – Previously, Google had announced that it would use a login system in the form of an access key in partnership with the FIDO Alliance, Apple and Microsoft.

Now, finally, Google has officially launched a password login system, such as unlocking mobile phones such as fingerprints, PINs and facial recognition as an alternative to using a password.

Now Google users can try adding a new login system with this password. Users can make arrangements to use the password login system through the website

For company-managed Google Workspace administrators, going forward, they will soon get a setup option for password access to user accounts.

The presence of a password login system across the entire Google platform ecosystem using fingerprint, PIN screen lock, and facial recognition methods aims to make it easier for users to sign in to their Google Accounts without having to remember often-forgotten passwords if not recorded.

In addition, the password login system on the Google platform is claimed by Google to be more secure than a password, which allows user accounts to not be easily attacked by phishing and malware.

This way vulnerability to data breaches can be avoided. Using a password login system is also reported to have a better level of protection compared to password verification via WhatsApp or SMS.

As per Gadgetren team monitoring, using this password login system is very easy to use. Once the user has set up the password login system, by pressing the Use Password menu button.

Change Google passwords

Users are immediately directed to create a fingerprint by placing a wrong finger on the scanner of their laptop or mobile phone. The passkey can then also be applied when the user logs into their Gmail account.

After writing the email address, the user will be prompted to use a passkey with a fingerprint, face recognition or PIN screen lock on the screen. Soon users will instantly log into their Gmail accounts without having to remember and type passwords.

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