Infinix HOT 20i vs Infinix HOT 30i – There are many improvements

Gadgetren – Just at the end of 2022, Infinix brought the Infinix HOT 20i to Indonesia. But it only took about 5 months, they released the Infinix HOT 30i as a successor.

The Infinix HOT 30i can also be an additional alternative for those of us who need a new mobile phone. Moreover, this device also turned out to bring quite a significant increase compared to the earlier launched Infinix HOT 20i.

Starting from a more powerful chipset, taller cameras, more impressive displays, to more memory support, to name a few. Some of these improvements can also be considered to strengthen our hearts for those of us looking to upgrade using the Infinix HOT 3i from both its predecessor and other models.

The difference between Infinix HOT 20i and Infinix HOT 30i

In the field of kitchen routes, the Infinix HOT 30i now uses the MediaTek Helio G37 chipset, which is the same chipset specially made for gaming needs. A pretty good improvement compared to the MediaTek Helio G25 that was the mainstay of the previous Infinix HOT 20i.

Helio G37 has a basic architecture and graphics processing base similar to Helio G25 where both are based on ARM Cortex-A53 and IMG PowerVR GE8320. It’s just that the frequency used is slightly higher, so that the performance that can be produced is even stronger, although in fact we can say that it is still in the same class.

In the Helio G37, the ARM Cortex-A53 architecture can be driven up to 2.3 GHz, while the graphics processing is up to 680 MHz. While the Helio G25 is only up to 2.0 GHz and 650 MHz when viewed in a similar order. At first glance it seems a little, but it is enough to provide better performance compared to the Helio G25 which is quite old.

Infinix HOT 20i vs HOT 30i - 1

Infinix HOT 20i

With an increase in core base frequency and graphics processing, Helio G37 has technically more powerful performance. This chipset also allows the Infinix HOT 30i to pack a main camera with higher support.

For those of you who don’t know, the Infinix HOT 20i previously only sported a 13MP primary camera. The Infinix HOT 30i with the help of the ISP offered by the Helio G37 can also boost it to make the main lens 50MP.

It’s just that behind this primary camera upgrade, the Infinix HOT 30i has to sacrifice its front-facing lens capabilities. This device now only relies on a 5MP resolution sensor, even though the Infinix HOT 20i previously offered up to 8MP.

This is perhaps to prevent the price from skyrocketing with a more powerful chipset. Of course, playing games or watching videos will also be more enjoyable with the Infinix HOT 30i, because it’s not just the kitchen hallway that gets an upgrade.

Although it has a size and resolution that is almost the same as the Infinix HOT 20i, this latest mobile phone display is equipped with support for a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz that offers better animations.

Infinix HOT 20i vs HOT 30i - 2

Infinix HOT 30i

Monitors that support a higher refresh rate will generally be able to produce smoother animations, so image movements look more natural. Just a note the streamed content also includes settings so you can support it.

Equally interesting, the memory configuration of the Infinix HOT 30i has also been made bigger, even though it was launched at a price similar to the Infinix HOT 20i. This mobile now relies on RAM with a capacity of 8 GB, even though the previous generation had only 4 GB.

The increase in memory capacity was also followed by an update to the Extended RAM feature to help with multitasking needs. Unlike the Infinix HOT 20i, which can only add up to 3GB, bringing the total to 7GB, the Infinix HOT 30i supports even bigger additions of up to 8GB, making it 16GB.

The change that is quite evident from the two phones also lies in the design. One of them, the Infinix HOT 30i fingerprint placement is no longer behind the body like the Infinix HOT 20i, but moves it to the side with the Power button like today’s devices. This way the design becomes more modern.

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