Is FMWhatsApp safe to use? Here is the answer!

Gadgetren – WhatsApp always introduces various new features to its service. Even so, there are still users who are not satisfied and end up installing a modified app.

FMWhatsApp is one of the most used platforms today. Like other WhatsApp modifications, the app also offers a variety of great support and features that are not even present in the original version.

The modified WhatsApp app offers features like turning off the last option, hiding the number of status views, blue ticks after replying to chats and sending messages without first saving the number to contacts.

What is very tempting, FMWhatsApp is also claimed to have an anti-ban feature. The app promises that its users’ accounts will remain safe from being banned by WhatsApp for using modified apps.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the application is very popular among modified WhatsApp users. However, is FMWhatsApp really safe to use as a workaround to the original app’s limited features?

Is FMWhatsApp safe to use?

Like GBWhatsApp which is also very popular, even FMWhatsApp is actually not completely safe to use. There are several risks that will lurk when you use the modified app as a replacement for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption feature, which is designed to protect users’ conversations from third parties, is one of the parts that will be threatened. Having a modified app allows criminals to easily peek at information.

To introduce a variety of superior features, developers can use proxies or dedicated servers to bridge their apps with the WhatsApp service, where data security must definitely be questioned.

There is no guarantee that a particular proxy or server is safe from hacking attacks. In fact, in some cases, the developers of the modified apps themselves paste special code to peek at the user’s details.

Moreover, FMWhatsApp is not officially distributed through trusted app stores like Google Play Store. Those of us who are still beginners will definitely struggle to find the installer files developed by the original developers.

This kind of distribution process is certainly quite vulnerable to exploitation by irresponsible people. FMWhatsApp apps may have been manipulated first by other non-developers before being shared on various websites.

In this case, they can add malicious code that can damage and exploit data and device resources. Even if they don’t modify the app, they can also add malware or viruses that can be installed automatically when you download the setup file.

Although it has an anti-ban feature, FMWhatsApp also lacks a strong guarantee that can ensure that we avoid account ban. WhatsApp and Facebook have said the modified app violated their terms of service.

Now maybe it is still safe to use and we can avoid blocking. But going forward, it is not sure that this will continue because WhatsApp will certainly not remain silent when it sees its terms of service being violated.

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