Know the realme UI variants that offer different support

Gadgetren – Although initially using Color OS which incidentally was made by OPPO, Realme is now launching various devices with its own system interface called Realme UI.

For those of you who don’t know, realme UI is actually not much different from Color OS, MIUI or One UI. The realme interface is because it also runs on the Android OS which has been given a number of customizations to make it more user-friendly.

For realme UI, the customization provided is not only limited to the appearance of the interface. The realme company has incorporated a number of additional features and optimizations, although in this case it is quite different for each version.

The realme UI specifically promises to continue to bring new generations to its users with an operating system that has great looks, convenient functions, and great performance.

This is why up to the time this article was published, we could find Realme UI in several versions, each of which promises a different user experience. These include the standard UI range, R Edition, Edition, T Edition and Go Edition.

Realme Standard UI

Before discussing further, keep in mind that the standard UI field is my name, because generally realme companies only use numbering according to the development version. For example, they used realme UI 4.0 in their latest update.

The standard realme UI is an Android system interface developed by realme with its own customization. In general, we’ll find features and support from the company that are more comprehensive than other versions.

This standard version unfortunately requires a device with special performance to be the maximum. So now we can only find it in realme mid range mobile phones that have more than enough resources.

Realme UI R Edition

In order to provide comfortable use, Realme has finally developed a special edition system interface for devices with more limited resources. It is included in this realme UI R Edition.

Unlike the standard one, realme UI R Edition is a system interface that offers only a little customization or you could say it is a simple version of realme UI. This version has been specially developed based on Android 11 with a number of key feature improvements.

In realme UI R Edition, realme emphasizes the user experience as what pure Android offers, so it works lighter. That’s why we won’t find a number of distinctive features built by them, such as Theme Store and Game Space.

Realme UI S Edition

Not much different from realme UI R Edition, realme company also has an interface called realme UI S Edition to present a lightweight system. It’s just that this version is specially developed based on Android 12.

Apart from its developer base, the realme UI S Edition is also designed to stand out from a pure Android experience like the realme UI R Edition. We can therefore think of it as an upgraded version of the system interface version.

Realme UI T Edition

Following on from realme UI R Edition and S Edition, realme has again introduced a simplified version of its interface called realme UI T Edition. This version can also be considered as the last version of the development of both.

Just like the UI R Edition and S Edition spheres, the pure Android experience is also the main aspect that the UI T Edition sphere offers. It’s just that this version specifically offers Android 13 as a development base.

Realme UI Go Edition

Supporting the capabilities of devices that have more limited resources, the realme company also has a Realme UI Go Edition that is developed based on the Android Go Edition system.

At first glance, for those of you who have just heard of it, Android Go Edition is a lightweight version of the Android operating system. Google developed it specifically to be able to run more smoothly on entry-level devices that happen to have very limited chipsets and RAM.

Android Go Edition devices can generally run more sparingly on RAM and data. In addition, the use of battery power and internal storage can work optimally, so we don’t have to worry even though the capacity is small.

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