Know the Smart TV operating systems that offer different supports

Gadgetren – Although both are called smart TVs or smart TVs, a device may not necessarily be categorized as an AndroidTV if it runs a different operating system.

For those of you who don’t know, the operating systems used to power smart TVs today are very different. Each manufacturer can even develop their own support to support their products.

Of the many operating systems out there, AndroidTV is indeed one that is quite widely used. It’s just not the only one yet because there are several other systems that are no less popular, such as Google TV, Tizen OS and webOS.

Each of these operating systems definitely has advantages and disadvantages that can be considered before going for it. Just keep in mind that some of these are available exclusively in product lines from certain manufacturers.

So that you can later choose the right smart TV, including a set-top box or TV stick, it does not hurt to familiarize yourself with the various operating systems first.


Get to know the Smart TV Operating System - AndroidTV

Let’s get to know each other starting with the widely used AndroidTV. As the name suggests, this operating system is the result of adopting the Android OS with several adjustments to make it work more practically on TVs.

Because it is built on the basis of the Android operating system, this operating system also offers a lot of support. We can even find the Google Play Store with various kinds of applications and games in it, although of course it is not as complete as for mobile phones.

The entertainment platforms offered are of course also more complete because we can install our own applications from services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube, in addition to relying only on TV shows that have now been converted to digital.

But keep in mind that some of these platforms implement a subscription system. Therefore, we may need to prepare more money to buy packages provided by the service if we want to access more content.

The operating system, which used to be called Google TV, also has a very high availability. In Indonesia specifically, there are many products from popular manufacturers that use it, such as Sony, TCL, Hisense, Xiaomi, realme, Polytron, Panasonic, Changhong and Coocaa.

Google TV

Get to know the Smart TV Operating System - Google TV

When we talk about AndroidTV, we can’t forget about Google TV now. This particular operating system is also one that is now widely used by several manufacturers to develop their televisions.

Just don’t get me wrong first. Despite using the same name, the Google TV brand, which is now widely used by several TV manufacturers, does not refer to the predecessor of AndroidTV, but to a special interface for the operating system.

If, for example, it was designed for mobile phones, we might know it as MIUI, OneUI, Funtouch OS or Color OS. So it is not an operating system itself but AndroidTV with a special interface that offers a number of customizations and additional features.

One of these adjustments is the addition of the Live TV tab that allows us to more easily find live content from various services such as YouTube TV. In addition to this, there is also integration of a number of video on demand platforms.

In Indonesia, Google TV has started to be used by several manufacturers to replace AndroidTV, such as TCL, Coocaa, Polytron and Hisense. That’s why we must clearly read the specifications of the device so as not to buy the wrong one.

Tizen OS

Meet the Smart TV Operating System - TizenOS

Apart from AndroidTV and Google TV, we can also choose Tizen OS when looking for smart TV devices nowadays. It’s just that this operating system is usually quite limited for products manufactured by Samsung.

Tizen OS is an operating system specially developed by Samsung based on Linux. It was also originally designed for tablets, mobile phones and netbooks, but now seems to be more for home electronics, including smart TVs.

Similar to AndroidTV and Google TV, Tizen OS for smart TV also supports various video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. There are also options to install various kinds of apps and games.

Samsung itself seems to be continuously developing Tizen OS support for smart TVs. For example, they have integrated this operating system with features for remote access to a computer for a mobile phone connection.


Meet the Smart TV Operating System - webOS

Just like Samsung, LG also uses its own smart TV operating system called webOS to develop its various devices. We can also consider it because the support provided is no less complete.

As the name suggests, webOS is a web operating system also developed based on Linux. LG acquired it from HP specifically used to replace the NetCast platform in its smart TV development.

LG’s operating system also offers support for installing various web-based applications. The entertainment collection is also quite complete as it is supported by a number of video on demand platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV and Disney+ Hotstar.


Meet the Smart TV Operating System - VIDAA

Not only Samsung and LG, Hisense, which has released several devices with AndroidTV and Google TV, also has its own operating system. They named their software as VIDAA Smart TV OS.

Designed to facilitate interaction when using large-screen devices, VIDAA promotes simple interfaces that focus on content and services rather than applications or technology. Even so, this software also brings full features.

VIDAA, for example, still supports voice command functions and universal search platforms. In this operating system, we can still find a variety of popular entertainment services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, FB Watch and Apple TV.

This software specially designed for smart TVs has actually been used by various popular brands. It’s just that in Indonesia it seems that only devices manufactured by Hisense itself have been released and are based on it.

Coolita OS

Meet the Smart TV Operating System - CoolitaOS

Participating in the smart TV market, Coocaa has also developed a range of devices with AndroidTV and Google TV operating systems. Apart from this, they also developed their own software called Coolita OS.

Coolita OS is a smart TV operating system that is still quite new because it was only introduced in 2021. Just like some of the previous software, Coocaa uses Linux as its development base.

Coocaa specially designed Coolita OS as a lightweight web operating system or Lite Web OS. With this software, smart TVs can run smoothly without any problems because the memory usage is quite low.

Even so, this operating system still offers very complete support. Coolita OS, for example, supports services like YouTube and Vidio. There is also a built-in browser that can be used to access web-based entertainment platforms if they are not yet available in application form.

Other Smart TV systems

Get to know the TV Operating System - Easy Smart TV

In order to provide a better experience, some manufacturers are also developing their own TV operating system. For example, there are Sharp and Polytron who both use the Easy Smart TV name to do this.

Easy Smart TV manufactured by Sharp and Polytron offers a simpler and lighter interface. Although the support is not as comprehensive as the smart TV operating system we described earlier, this software usually already supports several built-in video applications.

Similar steps were taken by several Set Top Box manufacturers such as Matrix. They also developed a simple smart TV operating system with many built-in apps like YouTube, TikTok, Vidio and WeTV.

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