Music TikTok has arrived in Indonesia, subscription prices start at IDR 15,000

The Gadget – ByteDance the developer of the short video platform TikTok has officially launched its newest app called TikTok Music. As the name suggests, this app is a music service that allows users to subscribe so they can enjoy songs as much as they want.

TikTok Music can be tested in Indonesia for both iOS device users, which can be downloaded at Apple App Store as well as Android devices via Google Play Store. The presence of TikTok music according to ByteDance aims to provide a special place for users to find and enjoy their favorite trending songs.

Simultaneously with the launch of TikTok Music, ByteDance also announced that it will cease music streaming service Resso as both an app and operational activities in Indonesia on September 5, 2023.

For you, Resso users can move their account to TikTok Music, and all new TikTok Music users can take advantage of a free one-month trial on the new streaming platform. Users in Indonesia can already do a free trial after signing up.

TikTok Music offers a free one-month subscription for new users, which will continue with a paid subscription once a month with a choice of packages such as Individual for IDR 44,900, Family for IDR 59,000 and Student for IDR 24,500.

Users who subscribe to TikTok Music will have the advantage of listening to music without interruptions from ads, being able to skip songs in the middle of lyrics and download music at any time if they want to play it without an internet network.

So each package offers different benefits. For individuals, users can open and manage the Favorite Songs folder in TikTok Music to include songs downloaded from TikTok.


Then, the Individual package also gives users the freedom to personalize their music suggestions so that they have high sound quality. Meanwhile, the Family package has the advantage of offering the use of TikTok music that can be accessed by up to 6 accounts, so that every member of the family at home can play their favorite music without interruption.

The benefits for users who sign up for the Family plan will also be the same as Individuals. In addition, the Student package also provides the same benefits as the individual package, but this package is specifically for students or female users only.

In addition to these packages, TikTok Music also offers a cheaper package option in the form of a Weekly Plan for a week at a cost of IDR 15,000, where users can get the same benefits as the individual package.


If you don’t subscribe then TikTok users unfortunately can’t fully enjoy the music. Unlike its competitor, Spotify, which can play music even if you don’t subscribe.

For those of you interested in trying out TikTok music, you can download this music streaming service for free and sign in through your existing TikTok account. If you don’t have a TikTok account, you can sign up with your email and mobile number.

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