Official Canon EOS R8 camera for sale at an affordable price

Gadgetren – After introducing its APS-C segment series cameras through the EOS R50, EOS R7 and EOS 10, Canon is now back with a new camera called EOS R8 Unlike its siblings in the APS-C category, the EOS R8 is aimed at those looking to find the latest full-frame cameras at affordable prices.

During the promotion period until May 31, 2023, the body-only EOS R8 costs only IDR 25,999,000 from the regular price of IDR 31,999,000. Buying this camera also provides a combination with the RF24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens, so the total price with the body removed is IDR 29,999,000.

Each purchase of an EOS R8 body or EOS R8 with the RF24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens will receive an additional LP-E17 battery. Physically, the EOS R8 camera has the same light and compact weight as the EOS R50 and EOS R10, weighing in at under 500 grams.

In terms of camera lens advantages, the EOS R8 itself has the same image sensor resolution as the EOS R50 and EOS R10, namely 24.2MP. The EOS R8’s image processing is also supported by the DIGIC X processor.

Compared to the EOS R6 released in 2020, the price of the EOS R8 is very different because this new full-frame camera is not equipped with optical image stabilization (optical IS), which was previously present in the EOS R6.

However, the EOS R8 camera can be paired with lenses that use lens support that has optical IS to produce better images. Also, users don’t have to worry about video results being more stable because the EOS R8 is equipped with Movie Digital IS that can correct tilt with 5-axis image stabilization during video recording.


The EOS R8 itself offers many advantages with its camera features, including the ability to shoot in low-light conditions with an ISO sensitivity of up to 102,400 for stills and an ISO sensitivity of up to 25,600 for video.

Then use Dual Pixel AF II technology for continuous shooting at up to 40 fps. In addition, it can record 4K UHD quality video without cropping (up-sampling from 6K) at 60p.

In addition to regular 8-bit recording, the EOS R8 also provides a 10-bit 4:2:2 dynamic range video recording option. Do not forget that the editing process supports Canon Log 3, so that the video results are more vivid.

In addition to being able to record up to 4K, the EOS R8 supports Full HD shooting at up to 180 frames per second (180p), and slow-motion video is 6x slower when played back at 30p. In addition, this new camera can accurately track and detect faces, eyes and bodies in both humans and animals with the EOS iTR AF X function.

The EOS R8 can also be paired with compatible accessories such as external microphones via the multi-function hot shoe. On the screen to view photos and videos using an LCD screen with touch function and a 3.0″ variable angle measurement screen and support 1.62 million dots.

EOS R8 connectivity is provided, including a USB C port, Bluetooth and a WiFi connection that can be used for data transfer and remote control with the Camera Connect app. This camera is also equipped with interesting features found in Canon Cinema cameras such as False Colors and Zebras, Aspect Marker Display and UVC (USB Video Class)/UAC (USB Audio Class).

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