OPPO A78 becomes the first A-series mobile to feature 67W SUPERVOOC

Over time, the OPPO A series mobile phones received innovative technology that was incorporated in the OPPO Reno series and the Find X series.

After the 33W SUPERVOOC feature was previously incorporated in the OPPO A74 and OPPO A76, now the OPPO A78 is the first device in the OPPO A series to use the 67W SUPERVOOC feature.

With the presence of this 67W SUPERVOOC technology, of course, charging the battery on the OPPO A78 is very fast, so users don’t have to wait long, especially when traveling.

OPPO A78 - 5000 mAh

Based on OPPO’s claims, the 67W SUPERVOOC technology in this mobile allows charging a 5,000mAh battery from 0% to 100% in just 45.5 minutes. Meanwhile, charging the battery for 5 minutes allows the OPPO A78 to be used for calls for 4.6 hours.

In just 15 minutes, OPPO also claims that the battery power from OPPO A78 can be filled to 43%. You could say that this is one of the innovative technologies that make OPPO’s mid-range phones attractive, especially the A series.

Priced at IDR 3,599,000, this OPPO A78 can be purchased in Indonesia through the OPPO Online Store, OPPO’s official e-commerce partner, as well as the official OPPO store and nearest sales partner.

For those of you who don’t know, SUPERVOOC is a super fast battery charging technology developed from VOOC (Voltage Multi-Step Constant Current Charging Open Loop) made by OPPO.

Originally, Jeff Zhang Jialiang, who was an engineer from OPPO, developed the VOOC feature in 2012. The idea to create VOOC came from Jialiang’s concern that high-voltage charging technology has limitations.

According to Jialiang, quickly charging the battery by increasing the current voltage is dangerous because it can create heat build-up. For this reason, it does not prioritize power voltage factor charging technology, but instead increases the electric current that becomes large to become the basis of VOOC technology.


You could say that VOOC is one of the innovative fast charging technologies because it is driven by increasing the current to increase the charging speed so that OPPO mobile phones do not overheat.

Through the OPPO Find 7, which was launched in 2014, OPPO officially introduced the first generation of VOOC technology to the world. At the time, VOOC technology was able to charge the Find 7’s 3,000mAh battery from 0% to 100% in just 50 minutes.

Until now, OPPO itself has introduced a variety of fast technologies starting from VOOC 2.0, VOOC 3.0, VOOC 4.0, SUPERVOOC, SUPERVOOC 2.0, 33W SUPERVOOC, 33W SUPERVOOC, 67W SUPERVOOC and 1500.


In addition to a higher Watt, this SUPERVOOC technology charges the battery faster than the standard version of VOOC technology. Moreover, initially this SUPERVOOC technology was intended for OPPO flagship mobile phones, such as the Find X Series.

However, over time, OPPO has tried to bring the experience of using SUPERVOOC technology for Reno series and A series mobile phone users.

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