OPPO A78 stretches 50 MP camera, interesting shots!

Apart from attractive design, OPPO A78 also has multiple cameras that can support users to capture their precious moments in the form of photos.

On the back of this handset are two large circles that contain the 50MP primary camera in the circle at the top. Meanwhile, the 2MP portrait camera and LED flash are in the circle at the bottom.

With a resolution of 50 MP, the main camera can produce detailed photos with bright, rich colors and good quality. Photo results still look clear when printed on large media such as billboards, banners and billboards.

OPPO A78 - Back Black

Thanks to the combination of the main and portrait cameras, it allows users to produce photos with a distinct subject and background with a bokeh effect.

Especially when the Bokeh Flare Portrait mode is activated, it allows the rear camera of OPPO A78 to produce photos with bokeh effects with a round pattern, just like the effect of using a professional camera.

With the presence of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm made by OPPO, the intersection between the subject and the background appears clear in the resulting photo.

OPPO A78 - 50 MP - Street


OPPO A78 - Station


OPPO A78 - 50 MP - Flower


OPPO A78 - Agan - Auto


OPPO A78 - Bro - Portrait


There is also a Night mode mode that allows photos in night conditions to look clear compared to using the automatic mode. Based on the comparison of the photos above, it can be seen that the photos produced with Night Mode look brighter and have minimal noise.

OPPO A78 - Auto - Gate


OPPO A78 - Auto - Night Mode - Gate

Night operation

Turning to the punch hole on the front, there is an 8 MP camera that can produce smooth and natural face selfies. Users can also enable Portrait mode to produce selfies with the subject in focus but the background having a bokeh effect.

OPPO A78 - Selfie - Auto

Selfie – Auto

OPPO A78 - Selfie - Portrait

Selfie – Portrait

OPPO A78 - SelfieMalam - Auto

Selfie – Auto

OPPO A78 - SelfieMalam - Night mode

Selfie – Night mode

If you look at the image above, you can see that the selfie photos taken by the OPPO A78 are of good quality, especially the bright faces. Meanwhile, at night, users can also enable Night Mode so that photos show faces clearly.

Overall, this OPPO A78 has rear and front camera support that can be used to produce good quality photos. For those of you interested in buying it, you can already buy it at the price of IDR 3,599,000 in Indonesia.

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