OPPO Find N2 Flip becomes one of the first devices to get Android 14 Beta 1

Gadgetren – Just launched in Indonesia, OPPO is now opening the first Beta version of the Android 14 program for ColorOS on its newest foldable phone, Find N2 Flip.

In this first Beta version, of course, the Android 14 OS update on Find N2 Flip is still in early approval and development, so some bugs may appear.

From the official site OPPO developer it was explained that Android 14 Beta 1 may cause some problems on the cover screen, such as black screen, lock screen not working, unable to enter password and error in fingerprint scanning.

In its official statement, OPPO also provides an upgrade download path link for Android 14 Beta 1 on the new Find N2 Flip, which mentions three regions such as Indian, Malaysian and Thai version.

For the Indonesian version, it is likely to be released in the future. After the completion of the Android 14 Beta 1 test program for ColorOS, global Find N2 Flip users are rumored to be able to enjoy the public version of ColorOS based on Android 14 in late 2023.

Before downloading the Android 14 Beta 1 update, OPPO said users should back up data first, because after installing the update on the Find N2 Flip device, the device’s storage will be automatically formatted so that data such as music and photos to be deleted.

In addition to backing up important data, Find N2 Flip users who want to take part in the Android 14 Beta program must also prepare at least 4GB of free RAM capacity. Next, the user must make sure that the battery capacity is not below 30 percent and is connected to a fast Internet or WiFi network.


In terms of updates provided, Android 14 itself offers quite a few benefits in terms of productivity, performance, privacy, security and user customizations. On the interface, Android 14 also provides more user-friendly features, such as a back arrow in the middle of the screen and an improved system sharing sheet.

When it comes to security and privacy, Android 14 allows apps to restrict the visibility of certain views to accessibility services only. The Android 14-based ColorOS on the Find N2 Flip will also be driven using Android APIs and resources provided by Google to create apps designed for the home and second screens.

Peter Dohyung Lee, head of OPPO’s flagship product line, said his party combined industry-leading engineering and innovation with intuitive design principles to create the Find N2 Flip.

“In collaboration with Google, OPPO recently introduced the Speech-to-Text feature on the front screen of the Find N2 Flip. Moving forward with Android 14, we’ll continue to push foldables to new heights by combining state-of-the-art hardware with unrivaled software.”

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