Phone fraud in the name of Pos and BPJS

Gadgetren – It seems that there are often new ways of cell phone crime by irresponsible people to fool the public. One of the new ways of crime that is busy at the moment is phone calls using the names Pos Indonesia and BPJS.

It is not yet known how many victims received phone calls from unknown mobile numbers. However, this action has started worrying mobile phone users, including the Gadgetren team, who are receiving direct incoming calls from unknown local operator numbers.

The voice that appears in the call is not actually a person’s voice, but uses voice effects such as robots or results from Google Text to Speech on behalf of Pos Indonesia.

The call stated that there was a package from Pos Indonesia that had not been received and was headed to press button number 8 to speak to customer service. However, the Gadgetren team that received this call also knew that this was largely a fraudulent act, so it was not continued.

In addition to acting on behalf of Pos Indonesia, it was also found to be fraud through phone calls to benefit the BPJS name as in the tweet story from the Twitter account belonging to @dgipul. In this tweet, @dgipul he told me there was a number from a local operator that kept coming in and tried to get him.

The call then also contains Google Text to Speech which directs you to press the number 8 which is directed to speak to the operator. After that he did not continue it because for him it was an act of fraud.

@dgipul speculates through his tweet that if he presses the 8 button, there is a possibility that the fraudsters will give instructions or instructions to pay BPJS bills. In this way, it will be possible to deplete funds in his personal account.


For him, using the voice of the Google Voice machine, it is more likely that ordinary people will believe it compared to a human voice, if it was not done by the operator or customer service, it would be easy to know the difference between blackmail and not.

To confirm the action of the call on behalf of Pos Indonesia, Gadgetren then asked the official account @PosIndonesia and told the perceived scam stream.

The @PosIndonesia party said in a reply tweet from the Gadgetren team that this matter was not official from Pos Indonesia and they suggested that we should be careful for any scam from Pos Indonesia.

Apart from the Gadgetren team, there are other parties who had the same experience of receiving calls from Pos Indonesia. Even though he didn’t feel like he had a package to send from the party @PosIndonesia said the phone had signs of fraud.

Phone call-from-POS-and-BPJS-scam

Until now, phone calls using the feature on behalf of Pos Indonesia and BPJS are still being felt by some phone users whose information has been received by the Gadgetren team. Therefore, if you receive a call from an unknown local operator number, you should be careful.

If you receive the call and it leads to a scam, then you can mark the number as SPAM on your mobile device in your contact number list or use the Getcontact app.

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