Razer launches Cobra mouse series with RGB lighting

Gadgetren – Razer has officially launched its newest gaming mouse called the Razer Cobra series which includes two models, Razer Cobra and Cobra Pro. What distinguishes the two is wireless support and weight.

The standard Razer Cobra mouse relies on a wired connection, while the Razer Cobra Pro connects to computer devices wirelessly or using Bluetooth. Next, the Razer Cobra weighs around 58 grams, which is lighter than the Cobra Pro which is around 77 grams.

The Razer Cobra series is available worldwide through shopping sites The Razer Cobra Pro is priced at USD 129.99 or approximately Rp. 1.9 million. while the Razer Cobra mouse is priced at USD 39.99 or Rp 600 thousand. The Razer Cobra series has only one color variant i.e. black.

At a glance, the two are almost similar, but they have different button supports. The Razer Cobra is aimed at casual gamers who prefer wired connections. The Razer Cobra Mouse comes with a powerful switch with 8 customizable controls decorated with Chroma gradient backlighting.

Meanwhile, the Razer Cobra Pro offers gamers a new level of control with 10 customizable controllers, five mouse memory profiles and 11 individually adjustable Chroma RGB zones.

Chroma RGB in the Razer Cobra series has 16.8 million colors with various lighting effects and integration with more than 250 games. For the Razer Cobra Pro, there are seven buttons on the top, two buttons on the side, and one button on the bottom.

In addition, the Razer Cobra Pro is also equipped with the Razer Hypershift function, which is useful for enabling a series of secondary functions on top of the existing buttons to a new level of gaming. Five memory profiles on the mouse can also be configured with the Razer Synapse app.


The Razer Cobra Pro has click precision with support for the Focus Pro 30K optical sensor, 3rd generation optical mouse switch and HyperSpeed​​​​​​​Wireless. The Razer Cobra Pro’s battery life is said to last for over 100 hours of playtime.

Charging uses a Speedflex USB Type C cable. For wireless charging, the Razer Cobra Pro can be charged with the Razer Mouse Dock Pro or Razer Wireless Charging Puck sold separately.


Barrie Ooi, head of Razer’s PC gaming division, said there is a clear gap in the industry for a mouse that offers a balanced and immersive gaming experience.

“With this realization in mind, we created the new Cobra range. The Cobra Pro stands out as a symmetrical, wireless mouse packed with some of the most immersive features available today, and we can’t wait for our community to try it out,” he said.

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