Samsung Galaxy A24 Pros and Cons – Suitable for everyday support

Gadgetren – A sales channel for the Samsung Galaxy A24 has started to open in Indonesia. Those of us looking for a new mobile phone can immediately think of this mid-range device.

The Galaxy A24 itself is available in one memory configuration, which can be purchased at the regular price of IDR 3,499,000. Purchases can be made through online channels such as the official store on the website and Akulaku.

But before asking her for her hand in marriage, we definitely need to pay attention to a number of things, so that later we are not too disappointed if she does not suit us. Including looking at the pros and cons of these cell phones.

Advantages of Samsung Galaxy A24

1. Quality camera

The camera sector is one of the superior aspects of the Galaxy A24 to enticing users. In addition to the high lens configuration, the supporting features that the device brings are also quite complete.

For those of you who don’t know, the Galaxy A24 technically sports a multi-lens camera consisting of a main sensor with up to 50MP resolution with the addition of a 5MP wide-angle and a 2MP macro. There is also a 13MP lens on the front.

Interestingly enough, the Galaxy A24 is equipped with an optical image stabilization (OIS) function that can make the shot more stable. The results can be maximized especially for videos because the device is also supported by a support called Video Digital Image Stabilization (VDIS).

The 5MP wide-angle camera that the Galaxy A24 carries can also reach up to 117 degrees. This means we can also produce landscape photos or photograph landscapes with a wider range using these devices.

2. Long battery life

The power resistance offered by this mid-sized Samsung mobile cannot be denied. Technically, the Galaxy A24 has a 5,000 mAh battery that has a longer usage cycle.

With this 5,000mAh battery, Samsung even claims that the Galaxy A24 will be able to last up to two days when used for activities from full charge to full charge. This is because they also incorporate the Adaptive Power Management feature.

The Adaptive Power Management feature itself specifically manages the Galaxy A24’s power usage to make it more efficient based on our usage. Thus, the consumption of the mobile phone’s 5,000 mAh battery can be more efficient.

Besides, the Galaxy A24 actually supports up to 25W charging if the phone runs out of power. This technology is claimed by Samsung that it can make us active all day even though we only charge the battery for 30 minutes.


3. Reliable performance

Surfing social media and even playing heavy games is no problem when using the Galaxy A24. The reason is that this mid-range mobile phone has also entrusted its data processing capabilities to the MediaTek Helio G99 mid-range gaming chipset.

Built on ARM Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 architectures that can be driven with frequencies up to 2.2 GHz, the Helio G99 is one of the most reliable chipsets. The build has even used 6nm manufacturing with the ARM Mali-G57 MC2 GPU to support graphics processing.

In the Galaxy A24, Samsung has even paired this chipset with 8GB of RAM. They also incorporate the RAM Plus feature, which can expand it with up to 8 GB of virtual memory in addition if it is still missing.

4. Fascinating display

As a form of improvement from the Samsung Galaxy A23 that became its predecessor, the Galaxy A24 now relies on the Super AMOLED display. This mobile uses a special panel of 6.5 inches with a resolution of Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels).

Thanks to the Super AMOLED panel used, the Galaxy A24 display is also capable of producing images with a brightness level of up to 1,000 nits. This means that the content displayed by the mobile phone will still be clearly visible even if we use it outdoors.

Like today’s mobile phones, the display used by the Galaxy A24 also supports high refresh rates. The panel can run animations from content that has settings up to 90Hz. So it can make character movements to make moving scenes look smoother.

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy A24

1. The screen is prone to scratches

Even though it has better panel support, the Galaxy A24 ultimately has to sacrifice its protection. We found no literature that revealed that the mobile phone screen had used a protective coating such as Corning Gorilla Glass, Panda Glass or similar.

Without a protective layer like Gorilla Glass or Panda Glass, the display portion of the Galaxy A24 will be more susceptible to scratches and even dust. So we have to be as careful as possible when we have to store our mobiles in our pants or in our bags with other things.

Fortunately, we can overcome this drawback by purchasing a screen protector, such as a screen protector, tempered glass or hydrogel which are now very easy to find. Although we have to spend a little more money.

2. Less comprehensive sales package

In the sales package offered, every purchase of the Galaxy A24 will be equipped with a 15W travel adapter. It’s actually not bad, but it will still feel lacking because the mobile initially supports charging up to 25W.

If you only rely on the default 15W travel adapter, the charging process for the Galaxy A24 will not be optimal. The phone will take longer than Samsung claims when using 25W support.

So we need to prepare more money if we want to benefit from 25W charging support on Galaxy A24. We need to buy a special adapter that supports this technology where at least requires funds of Rp. 449,000 if you want genuine Samsung accessories.

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