Samsung introduces a two-door refrigerator with compartments for revealing food

Gadgetren – Samsung brings a new two-door refrigerator to Indonesia, which is equipped with a special compartment for storing ready-to-cook foods.

Samsung calls it the Unkep Refrigerator which offers four different capacities including BESPOKE and non-BESPOKE double door fridges including 348 litres, 393 litres, 415 liters and 465 litres.

Currently, all variants of this new two-door refrigerator can be ordered in Indonesia through the official website until May 28, 2023. Uncover non-PERSONAL double door refrigerators are priced starting at IDR 7,699,000 to a high of IDR 9,399,000.

Meanwhile, the price of BESPOKE Uncover Refrigerator is released from IDR 8,699,000 to the highest IDR 10,199,000. During the pre-order period, Samsung also offered attractive offers in the form of IDR 600,000 direct cashback for non-BESPOKE Uncover Refrigerator orders and IDR 1,200,000 direct cashback for BESPOKE Uncover Refrigerator orders.

There are many color variations that users can choose from for this new coverless refrigerator. The BESPOKE open top refrigerator comes in Clean Vanilla + Clean Peach, Clean White + Clean Pink and Clean White + Clean Navy colors, as well as Black and Silver color options.

Unlike uncovering food stored in the freezer, which takes a long time and tastes bad when stored for a long time, this new uncovered refrigerator is claimed to be able to optimize the taste of food even though it has been uncovered and stored . .

This is because this outdoor cooler is supported by Optimal Fresh+ compartment technology with four adjustable temperature settings so that different food ingredients remain in optimal conditions.

Setting the temperature to Soft Freeze -4°C can help you store fresh ungkep dishes for a longer time, and they are ready to cook at any time because they do not require a defrosting process.


In addition to the -4°C soft freeze function, this open fridge also has a -40°C temperature setting, which can perfectly store food such as meat, chicken or fish that you want to process quickly.

The next mode is the Meat & Fish mode which is at -10°C. This function is recommended for short-term storage, such as storing meat or fish that needs to be separated from other foods. With this function, meat or fish can be stored for up to seven days.

Then another function is the power cool which will chill drinks twice as fast as placing them in the fridge. In just two hours, the drink is optimally chilled and ready to serve.

The last function is the refrigerator which is at -30ºC which is suitable for keeping food such as milk, yogurt and cheese fresh. This compartment is also not easily contaminated by external food ingredients because it is equipped with a magnetic seal that allows it to close tightly.

In addition, the hidden compartment in this new refrigerator provides a large internal storage space of up to 20 liters, so users can store more food ingredients for the needs of all members of their family.

For optimal cooling to keep food fresh, the uncovered compartment is also equipped with an All-Around Cooling function. While still cooling, this function constantly checks the temperature and circulates cold air through the vents to allow every corner of the storage space to be at the optimal temperature.

As part of the Samsung product ecosystem, this new refrigerator is also supported by SmartThings AI Energy Mode that allows users to monitor and save energy in the refrigerator from their mobile phones.

Users will receive information on the results of the analysis of usage patterns and estimate their electricity consumption per day, per week and per month, which allows energy savings of up to 7 percent.

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