Samsung presents two washing machines with AI technology for optimal cleaning of clothes

Gadgetren – Samsung expands its range of electronics products by launching its newest BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo and Top Load Inverter Ecobubble.

This product is here to help families get the most out of laundry through features that can make the washing process more efficient.

Featuring a design that is still elegant, the BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo can wash clothes optimally because it is able to recognize the type and nature of the fabric material thanks to the AI ​​Wash function which is then used to determine of the wash cycle.

Meanwhile, the Ecobubble Top Load Inverter, which has a capacity of up to 18 kg, not only can wash more, but saves electricity and water thanks to the technology it uses. In addition, this washing machine is also the first in its class to support the SmartThings function.

As for the price itself, the Samsung BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo is priced at IDR 13,599,000 and the Top Load Inverter Ecobubble is listed at IDR 7,599,000. During the period 16 June – 31 July 2023 there is a cashback of IDR 1,000,000 and IDR 400,000 for each of these products respectively.

The two washing machines that already use Digital Inverter technology and powerful magnets are said to last a long time, so Samsung is confident in providing a 20-year warranty on the motor.

Samsung BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo

In addition, the Samsung BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo is equipped with a technology called AI Ecobubble+ which is claimed to save up to 70% energy, remove stains 24% better and treat clothes 45% better.

This is because this technology can create detergent foam at low temperatures so that dirt can be cleaned more effectively. Combined with the AI ​​​​Wash function that can detect the weight down to the turbidity level of the water, Samsung strives so that families always have the best washing results.

In addition, there is also an Auto Dispense function that can provide the right dose of detergent and fabric softener to reduce overuse and waste. This function can also accommodate 18 times the use of detergent and 14 times the use of fabric softener.

Samsung BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo and Top Load Inverter Ecobubble Washer

Meanwhile, the Samsung Top Load Inverter Ecobubble is equipped with the Ecobubble function that can maintain the fabric quality but still has good cleaning power thanks to the ability to generate foam 2.5 times faster.

Through the DualStorm function, the vortex formed will mix the foam and be able to penetrate the clothes well. In combination with the Super Speed ​​function, the washing process can be cut by up to 40% while saving water usage.

This washing machine also has a washing machine that can clean clothes by spraying steam at 60 ° C to remove 99.9% of bacteria through the Hygiene Steam function. When finished, the cleanliness of the drum can also be maintained using the Eco Tub Celan function, which can be done without having to soak and rotate the drum.

Samsung BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo and Top Load Inverter Ecobubble Washer

Both the BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo and the Ecobubble Top Load Inverter support the SmartThings app, meaning they can connect to the user’s mobile phone. Through this application, you can monitor and control the washing machine from anywhere.

In addition, it can also optimize the washing machine’s performance by learning frequently used wash patterns. This app also provides a Laundry Recipe feature that contains laundry recommendations, a Laundry Planner for washing schedules, and a HomeCare Wizard if a problem occurs.

Not to forget, Samsung also works with KALA Studio to ensure that clothes from this well-known company’s clothing collection, which features exclusive materials, can maintain their quality during the washing process.

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