Samsung Smart TV 2023 series officially sold in Indonesia, prices start from 2 million to tens of millions

Gadgetren – Samsung Electronics officially launches the series Smart TV 2023 the newest ones including Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K and OLED.

In its online launch, Samsung also brought another smart TV, the Super Smart TV+ 2023, which is a special product to meet the needs of digital TV broadcasting in Indonesia.

It should be noted that the Super smart TV+ 2023 targets the entry-level TV user market segment in Indonesia with a price of IDR 2,599,000 – IDR 7,499,000 for a size range of 32″ to 50″.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s premium smart TVs, such as the Neo QLED 4K, are priced from the cheapest IDR 13,499,000 to the most expensive IDR 99,999,000. Neo QLED 4K is available in QN90A in 98″ sizes, QN90C in 85″, 75″, 50″ and 43″ sizes and QN85C in 65″ and 55″ sizes.

Next, Samsung OLED TVs are sold from IDR 24,999,000, which are available in the S90C model with 77″, 65″ and 55″ sizes and the S95C model with 65″ size. This OLED TV, which is the most expensive, sells for IDR 69,999,000.

In addition, the Neo QLED 8K is priced between Rp. 27,999,000. – 129,999,000 Rp. available in QN900C with 85″ size, QN800C with 75″ size and QN700C with 75″ size and QN700C. ″.

The 2023 Smart TV series offers superior, sophisticated features both in terms of panel technology and internally. You can briefly see each of its features through the explanation below.



The Neo QLED 8K comes with a design that has almost no bezels on either side except for a slight chin at the bottom. This TV panel presents a very detailed picture quality because it uses Quantum Mini LED technology supported by Quantum Matrix Technology Pro to be able to produce 33 million pixels on the screen.

Uniquely, this TV is equipped with a Relumino function that can thicken the lines in every scene and the color contrast to help people with poor vision to enjoy their favorite content clearly.

Moreover, it is equipped with Real Depth Enhancer Pro which is useful for showing all the details of the object from the darkest to the brightest. Old videos displayed on the Neo QLED 8K TV screen can also be upscaled to 8K quality with the support of the 8K Neural Quantum Processor and AI Upscaling technology.



Unlike its siblings, the Neo QLED 4K is powered by a 4K Neural Quantum Processor, which can upscale content to 4K equivalent. However, this TV panel still supports Quantum Matrix technology with Quantum Mini LED and Shape Adaptive Light Control to produce sharper and cleaner picture quality.

This TV is specially designed for users who like to play games because it is equipped with Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro function, which will make high-speed racing games playable with smooth graphics without stuttering effect.

In addition, this TV is supported by AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which will properly synchronize the frame rates of the TV and the GPU, so that adventure and RPG games can be played at high graphics settings without lag. The Neo QLED 4K is also easily connected to various game consoles thanks to the presence of 4 HDMI 2.1 ports.

Samsung OLED


The OLED panel is capable of displaying 8 million pixels on the screen and is certified by Pantone, which means that this TV panel allows users to see colors that are close to reality. This TV panel is powered by Neural Quantum Processor 4K and 4K AI Upscaling technology that can convert content up to 4K equivalent.

Supported by 20 AI-based neural networks, this OLED TV can analyze every image and provide brightness and contrast levels with Quantum HDR OLED +.

Super Smart TV+


Super Smart TV+ is a digital TV with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so this TV can not only watch digital TV shows but also enjoy movies and content from various popular streaming services in Indonesia.

The Super Smart TV+ screen oozes charm with resolution options such as HD, Full HD and Ultra HD (4K). Super Smart TV+ can be operated using the remote control or with voice commands in the form of Bixby. Interestingly, this TV remote can be charged if the battery runs out.

This Super Smart TV + can also replace a computer that works with a keyboard and mouse on the TV. Users can work on various documents with this TV from the cloud on a wider screen.

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