Selling Samsung AC WindFree Ultra with Official Air Purifier

Gadgetren – After selling through the pre-order program, Samsung Indonesia has officially sold its newest air conditioner, which is supported by an air purifier or air purifier, namely AC WindFree Ultra.

This smart home appliance is Samsung’s first AC product with air purifier support. Additionally, this AC can be operated using the SmartThings app through a Samsung device in addition to using the default remote control.

Currently, WindFree Ultra AC starts at IDR 8,299,000 for 1 PK capacity. The 1.5 PK was then launched at a price of IDR 9,999,000 while the 2 PK capacity was priced at IDR 13,599,000. This AC does not provide 1/2 PK size.

Every purchase of all AC WindFree Ultra variants on the website also get free installation service and 5m AC pipe package specially for Jabodetabek area until 30 September 2023.

On the cooling side, the AC WindFree Ultra is claimed to be able to bring cool air to homes, apartments and offices with Samsung’s technology called WindFree Cooling. The accessory of the device has 23,000 micro-holes that can control uncomfortable direct gusts of wind.

In addition to the WindFree Cooling technology, the WindFree Ultra AC has a low noise level of only about 20dB and the temperature is constant, so users no longer need to constantly adjust the temperature by turning the AC off and on.

With the ability to connect to the SmartThings app, users can enjoy the features of the WindFree Ultra AC remotely without using a remote control. Starting with Welcome Cooling where this feature uses GPS to help users turn on the air conditioner when they get close to home with the help of SmartThings notifications.


AC WindFree Ultra also provides an AI automatic cooling function, which will analyze various data such as cooling speed, air humidity, most comfortable cooling and room conditions, to then recommend a cooling function that best suits the needs of the user.

This device also supports Bixby voice commands to make it easier for users to turn the air conditioner off or on without using a remote control. The WindFree Ultra AC power supply is said to start at 180W and has a digital inverter for power saving mode that will maintain the desired temperature without turning it on and off frequently.

Interestingly, the WindFree Ultra AC uses a PM1.0 air purification filter that the user can clean independently. The air purifying filter is claimed to be able to filter fine particles and 99.9% of harmful bacteria.


According to Samsung, the WindFree Ultra AC filter is easily cleaned by removing it and rinsing with soapy water until clean. It then dries and can be reattached to the air conditioner without needing to be replaced.

Donny Libra as head of air conditioner product marketing of Samsung Electronics Indonesia said that for SmartThings in AC it can’t go directly and needs to be combined with barcode in AC. “To connect to a mobile phone, all types can be used, but for a live connection, the pairing is only a mobile phone,” he said.

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