Share music listening experiences with the JBL Jakarta – Bandung Panoramic Train Tour Series

Gadgetren – JBL Indonesia introduced two of its newest audio devices through the JBL Tour series which includes the JBL Tour PRO 2 and the JBL Tour ONE M2.

As the name suggests, the JBL Tour series offers a personalized music listening experience to accompany users on long journeys such as traveling by plane, train, bus or in a crowd such as a coffee shop.

The Gadgetren team also had the opportunity to experience the use of the two newest devices from the JBL Tour series through an event organized by JBL in the city of Bandung using the Panoramic Tour Train.

I also got the JBL Tour series packaging box which was still sealed. The JBL Tour PRO 2 box contains a guide, official warranty card in Indonesia, 1 unit of smart charging case and two earphones, 1 USB Type C cable and two pairs of earphones of different sizes.

Meanwhile for the JBL Tour ONE M2, in the box I opened, there was 1 JBL Tour ONE M2 headphone unit, a headphone case, a 3.5mm port connection cable, a flight adapter, a USB Type-C charging cable, an official Indonesian warranty card and a manual.

Trying the two series JBL Tour, traveling from Gambir Station, Jakarta to Bandung Station, offers an experience that I think is unique in itself.

Because not only can you listen to music more privately with True Adaptive Noise Cancelling, but you can also indulge in other audio features using either the JBL Tour PRO 2 Smart Charging Case or the JBL Headphones app.


When you want to connect to a mobile device, automatically if the Bluetooth function is active on the screen, a permission notification will appear to pair with the JBL Tour series. The JBL Tour PRO 2 headphones feel good in my ears using the default headphones already installed.

I can activate the Ambient Sound function on the JBL Tour PRO 2 smart charging case by simply touching the panel. I also enjoy the experience of listening to music that is quite clear when the ANC mode is activated because the surrounding sound is immediately muted.

I can also select other ambient sounds, such as being able to listen to music, but external sounds can still come into play to talk to other people. In addition to this, the smart charging case also features Spatial Sound for movies, music and games.

With a 1.45 inch LED screen, in my opinion the size is too small and requires a little extra touch to be able to operate the touch screen accurately. Like activating one of the functions and sliding the features on the screen, I have to try twice to drag the loop.


However, the color screen displayed is very clear and bright. Additionally, there is a Screen Brightness mode with low, medium and high options. Everything I can do on the JBL Tour PRO 2 smart charging case without using a mobile device to manage music.

For a more punchy sound, there’s also an Equalizer mode that offers Jazz, Club, Studio and more options. I can also change the wallpaper on the smart charging case to the default wallpaper in the JBL Headphones app or upload a photo of my choice from my phone.

In the JBL Headphone app, I can also customize other music for use with both the JBL Tour PRO 2 and the JBL ONE M2. One of them is HARMAN’s Persona-Fi 2.0 feature, which allows me to adjust my voice according to age and gender.

Usually this feature is very useful for users aged 60 or over where the sound produced will be adaptively increased. Meanwhile, for users who are still new, the sound will also be adjusted adaptively.


The two devices are also equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio so they can transmit sound very well. Design-wise, in my opinion, the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones look premium.

With a special case, we can put the headphones to protect them from scratches and make them last longer. At the top, I can resize it to fit my head.

Don’t forget that the headphones have padding that feels soft and doesn’t put pressure around the ears when I’m wearing them, so long-term use isn’t a problem. On the outside of the handset, there are also several function buttons, such as Bluetooth activation and ANC mode.

With the collaboration with HARMAN and the support of JBL Pro Sound, the JBL Tour series manages to offer a different experience for each product. JBL Tour PRO 2 offers its advanced use and the first time with a smart charging case in a TWS product.


Sementara headphones JBL Tour ONE M2 is able to provide a music listening experience with long battery life and support for using full features in the JBL Headphone app.

Without limitation, the supplied driver size can also produce a sound that is 10mm for JBL Tour PRO 2 with 6 microphones and 40mm for JBL ONE M2 with 4 microphones.

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