Smartfren presents the newest packages with great quotas and cheaper prices

Gadgetren – As one of the mobile phone providers in Indonesia, Smartfren now presents its newest product in the form of Internet package with large quota and affordable prices.

This new product includes a Smartfren Quota 100GB package priced at IDR 100,000 and a Smartfren Elite starter package after payment. Smartfren Kuota and Smartfren Elite are part of the Smartfren campaign entitled 100% for Indonesia which was launched yesterday in May 2023.

The campaign is a movement that invites users to continue exploring their possibilities through the internet. More details about 100GB Smartfren Quota pack, users can use it 24/7 for 30 days which is claimed without time sharing.

The 100GB limit consists of a national limit of 25GB and a local limit of 75GB. This quota can be used for all app usage, while the local quota is said to be available for all cities, provided it reaches the Smartfren network.

Then for the Smartfren Elite starter pack, it is available from 70GB, 140GB and 180GB with a validity of 30 days. This package will offer distribution in the form of Main Quota, Extra Quota, Reward Quota and Application Quota.


For the price itself, the 70GB limit costs IDR 80,000, the 140GB limit costs IDR 150,000 and the 180GB limit costs IDR 200,000. Users of the Smartfren Elite package will also receive benefits in the form of a priority network, the required quota will not expire, and when ordering they will be able to choose beautiful numbers for free.

In addition to the latest high limit options above, Smartfren also provides data packages based on other volumes, such as Data Quota Plans M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 700MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB and 4GB, with prices ranging from IDR 15,000 to IDR 160.0.

As for the original package or starter pack It is also available in other product variants in the form of SIM or eSIM with various Internet quota volume options and attractive benefits.

As additional information, for every purchase of the Smartfren Quota 100GB package and the Smartfren Elite postpaid Starter package, you can purchase it via Smartfren shopping siteMy Smatfren application, Galeri Smartfren physical store and via WhatsApp Smartfren Gallery on 088977701777 or 08877701777.

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