Starting at IDR 15 million, Sony launched three BRAVIA XR 2023 Smart TVs in Indonesia

Gadgetren – Sony Indonesia has officially launched the three newest 2023 BRAVIA XR TV models powered by Cognitive Processor XR, including X95L Mini LED, A80L OLED, X90L Full Array LED.

The three 2023 BRAVIA XR TV models can be purchased in Indonesia with prices starting at IDR 15,999,000 online through shopping sites. Sony Indonesia or offline at your nearest Sony store or retail outlet.

The XR Cognitive Processor capability on the 2023 BRAVIA XR TV is said to be able to provide optimizations to reduce noise, clarify image motion, reduce blur and create dynamic moments.

In addition, the BRAVIA XR 2023 TV processor is also claimed to be able to provide better backlight control to increase local dimming zones, increase brightness and reduce blooming.

What distinguishes the three BRAVIA XR 2023 TV models lies only in the panels, where the X95L Mini LED is the highest-ranked model, followed by the OLED and LED models. The more sophisticated the panel, the more detailed, clear and colorful images can be presented.

The X95L Mini LED model is equipped with XR Backlight Master Drive technology, which is claimed to enhance images by producing deep blacks and natural colors that make movies and games feel vivid.

The X95L Mini LED model is also said to provide the best contrast from thousands of Mini LEDs and billions of accurate colors thanks to Triluminos Pro technology to make home viewing more enjoyable.


This time through the BRAVIA XR 2023 TV, Sony also provides a variety of abundant feature support from pre-existing to newer. One of them is the ability to connect to a Sony soundbar to provide an immersive audio listening experience.

By connecting to a Sony soundbar, the BRAVIA XR TV offers advanced capabilities in the form of 360 Spatial Sound Mapping 2, which is said to be able to adjust the size of the room to produce a sound that is both audible and enjoyable.

Then, all three smart TV models are also supported by the Acoustic Center Sync function to enhance the audio listening experience. Through the X95L Mini LED, Sony also introduces an Acoustic Multi-Audio+ function that uses a tweeter box to enhance the sound to match the image on the screen.

As for the OLED A80L model, Sony provides an Acoustic Surface Audio + function by adding an actuator that can vibrate to produce sound from the entire screen.


In addition to sound, the three BRAVIA XR 2023 TV models also allow gamers to have a more enjoyable gaming experience on PlayStation 5 by supporting functions such as HDR auto tone matching and picture auto alert function.

Other PS 5 game support features like the Game Menu to enable or disable VRR or Motion Blur Reduction with quick access and the latest is the Screen Size feature to adjust the screen size.

Along with the launch of three 2023 BRAVIA XR TV models, Sony also brought its newest speakers, including the HT-S2000 Soundbar and SRS-XV800 Wireless Speaker. The two speakers will be available in Indonesia in July 2023.


In terms of price, the HT-S2000 Soundbar starts at IDR 12,499,000 while the SRS-XV800 Wireless Speaker starts at IDR 9,399,000. The HT-S2000 Soundbar itself is Dolby Atmos certified which uses the latest mixer technology to create a 3D experience around the user.

Meanwhile, the SRS-XV800 wireless speaker features a portable design that can be taken anywhere and is claimed to have a long-lasting battery. This speaker also features an Omnidirectional Party Speaker function whose sound can fill the surrounding area.

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