Starting at IDR 39 million, here are 5 superior features of the new Sharp AQUOS XLED Smart TV

Gadgetren – After successfully launching yesterday in Asia, Middle East and Africa in May 2023, Sharp has finally officially brought a smart TV Sharp AQUOS XLED in Indonesia.

Sharp AQUOS XLED is a high-quality smart TV that displays content on the screen with 4K resolution. This latest smart TV has two screen sizes that are already available in Indonesia, 65″ and 75″. The 65″ size starts at IDR 39,900,000 while the 75″ size starts at IDR 59,900,000.

Sharp AQUOS XLED supports VRR, ALLM and eARC interfaces, the latest HDMI 2.1 standard for connecting compatible game consoles with 4K image quality with 120Hz refresh rate, HDR and AMD FreeSync Premium.

Andry Adi Utomo as National Sales Senior GM, PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia said that his party targets Sharp AQUOS XLED sales annually to be 1,200 units and believes that this premium TV has its own market in Indonesia.

At the launch event held offline in Jakarta, Sharp AQUOS XLED offers five great features for users who want or choose a premium TV to fill their home entertainment.

The Sharp AQUOS XLED TV is claimed to have a brightness level six times brighter than conventional TVs. This is because it is equipped with mini-LED Xtreme technology that has thousands of LED lights with a total of 88 times more than a normal TV.

mini-LED Sharp AQUOS XLED is itself 1/10 the size of an LED TV lamp. This TV is also said to be able to provide precise control of dark and light lighting by creating more than 2,000 dimming zones so that the picture quality has improved dramatically.

Sharp AQUOS XLED is also said to be able to present realistic colors of objects to get a true visual experience for its users. With Deep Chroma Quantum Dot (QD) technology, this smart TV can display the highest color coverage in the AQUOS TV series with a color gamut coverage area of ​​more than 20 percent compared to conventional displays.

Not only the screen, but also the sound quality on a smart TV is also very important. Therefore, Sharp AQUOS XLED is equipped with an ARSS + surround speaker system with 11 speakers located around the screen. This feature is able to present sound with various frequencies i.e. high, medium and low.

In addition to supporting screen and sound quality, Sharp AQUOS XLED uses the Google TV operating system to help and facilitate users to explore OTT content or streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube and many other.

With the support of Dolby Vision IQ, Sharp AQUOS XLED makes it possible to create images that are more real and alive. Then it is also equipped with Dolby Atmos for the sound part so that the sound produced becomes more and more noticeable to the user’s ears.

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