Telkomsel Multimedia Quota – For Which Apps, How To Use And Explanations

Gadgetren – It’s no secret that Telkomsel is also one of the operators that offers a quota sharing system in the distribution of their internet packages.

When we buy a Telkomsel internet package, we will often receive a number of additional quotas as a benefit which can generally only be used if the usage meets the terms and conditions.

The media quota will also be one that we may come across often. This type of data is available in many package options provided by Telkomsel, such as Sakti Internet, GigaNet, Combo SAKTI and OMG! Internet Packages. with various types of quotas in it.

Even to support the needs of its customers, Telkomsel also offers products that contain specific media quotas. In this case, we can find it in entertainment packages such as GigaMAX, GamesMAX, MAXstream or MusicMAX.

As we mentioned above, Telkomsel’s media quota cannot always be used immediately. This type of data also has terms and conditions for its use, so you should be aware if you intend to use it.

What is Telkomsel Multimedia Quota?

As the name suggests, Telkomsel’s media quota is a type of internet data that allows subscribers to enjoy media content more freely. We can use it to access various services from games, videos to music on the internet.

It just needs to be underlined, the services that can be accessed with this quota are sometimes quite different between one internet package and another. That’s why we need to make sure about the terms and conditions in the product details first so that we don’t buy the wrong thing.

In order to make it easier for customers to understand which services they can access using this quota, it is good that Telkomsel provides more specific names for many packages. These include Watch Quotas, YouTube, MAXstream, GamesMAX Booster and MusicMAX.

For example, in this case, the general viewing limit can be used to access LINE, WhatsApp, MusicMAX, GamesMAX, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, VIU, Netflix, Lionsgate Play, Amazone Prime Video, Vidio and Zoom services.

YouTube limit is for YouTube services only. MAXstream for MAXstream, TikTok, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, CATCHPLAY+, Lionsgate Play, Netflix, Genflix, HBO GO, RCTI+, Sushiroll, SnackVideo, TrueID, UseeTV Go, Vidio, Vision+, VIU and weTV.

GamesMAX Booster specifically for Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Free Fire, ShellFire, PUBG MOBILE, Ragnarok X, Roblox, Pokemon Go games and includes download apps on Google Play Store. MusicMAX for Spotify, JOOX, Smule, Deezer, WeSing, Sky Music, SoundCloud and Starmaker.

Although they use the same term, it is not uncommon for the media limit on many Telkomsel internet packages to have slightly different conditions. So we need to make sure on the product page first before buying it, so as not to use it wrongly.

How to use Telkomsel Multimedia Quota

The good news is that no special arrangements need to be made to use Telkomsel’s media quota. Internet usage will be immediately diverted by using it as long as the services you access are suitable.

What is no less interesting is that Telkomsel’s media quota can generally be used round the clock for 24 hours as long as it is within the validity period of the main quota. There is no time sharing system like night limit which has a certain time limit of use.

Apart from this, the media quota can be used at the national level as well. This means it’s not like a local quota that can only be used in certain locations where it’s generally the place to activate the relevant internet package, so you don’t have to worry when you move locations.

This type of limit for access to various kinds of media content is also usually ranked first in the data usage priority, although there are still some packages that sometimes put it after the main limit, which is of course a bit inconvenient.

It’s just that sometimes there are those who report that Telkomsel’s media quota cannot be used even though they have access to related services. If this happens, then you should immediately contact Telkomsel via social media such as Twitter or Facebook to ensure that there is no error from the card being used.

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