Telkomsel Prestige – Rewards, tiers and conditions for joining the program

Gadgetren – To appreciate the loyal customers who use their services, Telkomsel operators have a number of loyalty programs that usually offer various kinds of advantages and benefits.

On June 17, 2023 yesterday, the operator of this state-owned company even launched a new reward program. In this case, they specifically named it as Telkomsel Prestige.

Just like the previous customer loyalty programs offered by Telkomsel, Telkomsel Prestige also promises various kinds of benefits for customers who are loyal in using their telecom services.

Meet the Telkomsel Prestige Plan

Telkomsel Prestige itself is actually a continuation of what has been running in the past. Telkomsel simply provides some customizations that prioritize customer-centric principles so that it better matches the customer’s service usage profile.

If you look at what it offers, Telkomsel Prestige seems to be present as a successor to the Special Customer program used to determine the number of points awarded. It also includes a category system that will determine additional rewards and benefits for each customer.

Just like Special Customers, Telkomsel Prestige will also divide customers into four categories or commonly known as tiers. These include silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

Customers will be categorized based on two criteria, i.e. subscription duration and monthly transactions. The higher the category, the more benefits you will receive ranging from services, offers, to special facilities.

Tier Silver

  • Monthly transactions below IDR 100,000
  • Earning Telkomsel points is normal

Tier Gold

  • Monthly transactions from IDR 100,000 to IDR 299,999
  • Earn 2x more Telkomsel points
  • Up to 20% discount by redeeming Telkomsel points for airport lounge access
  • GraPARI tail is faster than silver

Tier Platinum

  • Monthly transactions from IDR 300,000 to IDR 999,999
  • Earn 3x more Telkomsel points
  • Up to 60% off by redeeming Telkomsel points for airport lounge access
  • Opportunity to receive special offers
  • The GraPARI queue is faster than gold

Tier Diamond

  • Monthly transactions over IDR 1,000,000
  • Earn 4x more Telkomsel points
  • Free airport lounge access with Telkomsel points exchange
  • A personal assistant is available for your service needs
  • Opportunity to receive special offers
  • No GraPARI tails at all

Although there is a category system, Telkomsel Prestige is interesting for all customers, both prepaid and Halo card users. The conditions are that the card is more than six months old and a transaction of at least IDR 100,000 in the last 3 months.

As long as they meet the requirements, the customer will automatically be entered into the Telkomsel Prestige plan. We can check the tiers, number of points and benefits you can claim through the MyTelkomsel app.

How to view Telkomsel Prestige status

  • Install the MyTelkomsel app.
  • Open and connect with the Telkomsel number used.
  • On the home page, tap colored box under pulse information.
    Telkomsel Prestige Program - 1
  • Check the required Telkomsel Prestige information.
  • Puncture Requirement to receive the Telkomsel Prestige Awards.
    Telkomsel Prestige Program - 2

The customer level will continue to increase depending on the number of monthly transactions. This applies to purchasing bundles or credit, paying bills, subscribing to entertainment services, shopping for game vouchers and sending Telkomsel products as gifts.

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