Telkomsel TikTok Creator Challenge – Can Earn Double Income

Gadgetren – TikTok provides a variety of monetization methods that content creators can use to earn extra money. Including one of them is the affiliate system.

This monetization system allows us to earn commission money from every successful product purchase transaction through the link attached to the video. The amount also varies greatly depending on the price the seller chooses or sets.

Telkomsel is also one of the companies that use the affiliate system to market their products. Notably, they even held a program called the Telkomsel TikTok Creator Challenge to invite content creators to join.

What is the Telkomsel TikTok Creator Challenge?

Telkomsel TikTok Creator Challenge is a program for content creators who want to become a member of Telkomsel Sales Affiliate Creators on the TikTok platform and win double additional income.

Through this program, Telkomsel not only promises revenue from supply system which will work through the TikTok app but also additional money and prizes with their own special terms and conditions.

In more detail, those who participate in the Telkomsel TikTok Creator Challenge not only have a chance to win one percent commission from each sale of Telkomsel products which will later be distributed in accordance with the provisions of the TikTok partner system.

They can also get additional commissions of similar value, which are also one percent more special prizes up to IDR 1.2 million if he manages to achieve certain targets for sales of Telkomsel Modem Orbit and digital products at the same time.

Products included in the additional supplies and special prizes category include Telkomsel Orbit Star A1 Modem, Telkomsel Orbit MiFi N2 Modem, MusicMAX Package, OMG! Internet Package. 55K, as well as internet packages OMG! 160 thousand

Unfortunately, the Telkomsel TikTok Creator Challenge will only be held for a limited time. This special program for content creators interested in marketing Telkomsel products will only last until 20 June 2023.

To participate in this Telkomsel program, content creators must also meet certain requirements. They must have a minimum of 2,000 followers, be located in Indonesia, be willing to repost, and want to follow a TikTok account. @telkomsel neither @telkomsel. store.

Registration for the Telkomsel TikTok Creator Challenge program can be done directly via filling out the form. From this page, you can later access digital assets for superior Telkomsel products that can be used to create content.

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