Testing the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G camera at night, this is the result!

Gadgetren – In an event titled NightTOURgraphy with Samsung Galaxy A54 5G in Jakarta, Samsung Electronics Indonesia invited the Gadgetren team to test the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G camera in capturing night moments.

The Galaxy A54 5G itself comes with a 50MP main camera (f/1.8 aperture), a 12MP ultrawide (f/2.2 aperture) and a 5MP macro camera (f/2.4 aperture). To make photos even better at night, Samsung has integrated Nightography capabilities into Night Mode in the default camera app for the Galaxy A54 5G.

Before starting the photo hunting activity at night, Dika Fidia as a Photographer & Digital Content Creator also shared some tips with the Gadgetren team to be more optimal in producing good night photos.

The tips given include enabling the grid line in the default camera app for the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G so you can produce photos with analog subjects and objects.

In addition, it also takes advantage of the light around it so that the object or object being captured is clear and not dark. The most important part is Capture The Moment, which looks for important moments that happen to make photos look more dramatic.

If necessary, you can also do color grading directly on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G mobile phone to make the atmosphere of the moment in the photo more interesting.

The result is that when using the Galaxy A54 5G camera, certain moments can be captured correctly. Especially when Night Mode is active, it makes photos bright and with minimal noise.




Night operation




Night operation


Night operation



Meanwhile, when shooting human subjects, it can be seen that the Galaxy A54 5G can produce photos with a focused and clear subject. Even when the Portrait mode is active, the artificial intelligence (AI) of this mobile phone is able to carefully separate the subject from the background.

The background shown in the photo can also show a round bokeh effect pattern like using a professional camera. With these results, we can capture moments quickly and flexibly using only the Galaxy A54 5G camera.

In addition, Samsung also revealed that users of the Galaxy A54 5G must often take photos with the camera so that the artificial intelligence can learn so that the ability to produce photos increases over time.

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