The trend of live streaming shopping is becoming more and more popular, here’s why


Gadgetren – Through its latest report titled “Understanding the Live Streaming Shopping Ecosystem in Indonesia”, Populix stated that there is great potential for e-commerce shopping trends using the live streaming feature.

It is estimated that in the future live streaming capability in e-commerce will become a mainstay for sellers and buyers to meet and transact. The background for the presence of this live streaming feature is a strategic battle among e-commerce, given the change in shopping behavior in recent years.

For this reason, Populix conducted a survey of 506 men and women aged 17-45 in May 2023 to see the presence of the live streaming feature in each consumer’s preferences.

The survey revealed that most users use Shopee Live most often to shop with a percentage value of 69 percent. It was followed by TikTok Live with a much lower percentage of users at 25 percent.

Then Tokopedia Play with only 4 percent of users and LazLive with only 2 percent. In the first place, Shopee Live is also said to have the market share with the highest number of transactions compared to the others.

So what influences users to prefer the live shopping feature for purchases compared to the usual method of online shopping?

One of the things that makes this live streaming feature attractive to buyers is that sellers often present attractive offers such as free shipping, discounts, special offers, and a full range of categories along with a wide variety of products.

This is an advantage in itself. Through live streaming, shoppers can view and ask questions directly via video so they can influence their decisions when shopping for specific categories.


From these advantages, Populix conveys that the product categories that are bought more sequentially than those that are in demand in those that are missing are fashion and accessories, beauty, care and health, lifestyle, household, daily products/FMCG, electronics, as well as mothers and fathers.child/baby needs.

Shopee Live was also found to be the most frequently used live streaming feature for purchasing fashion and beauty category items. In more detail, Populix also revealed that every e-commerce has advantages in presenting its live shopping feature.

Shopee Live is a live streaming mode with the lowest prices, most deals and free shipping, and a live streaming mode that offers discounts up to the biggest cashback. Next up are TikTok Live, Tokopedia Play and LazLive.


Indah Tanip as head of Populix research explained that people’s tendency to shop via live streaming increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. When the Implementation of Restrictive Community Activities (PPKM) was implemented, almost every day people had access to e-commerce to shop.

“But then boredom sets in, shopping just like that every day. Then came the trend of live streaming. At first people were curious, then addicted. Because it’s really hypnotic, initially people don’t want to buy the product, the seller shows it during the live stream, suddenly they check out,” he said.

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