There are various bonuses, buy IM3 Beautiful Numbers now you can choose for yourself on the Internet

Gadgetren – Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison now makes it easy to buy prepaid and postpaid starter packs, both physical and eSIM cards through the official shopping site at

Apart from being able to buy IM3 starter packs, buyers can also choose beautiful numbers according to their own choice. Based on the tracking of Gadgetren team, the number of starter card offered by IM3 for free in addition to the cost of starter pack and bundle is for prepaid physical cards.

Meanwhile, physical prepaid cards as well as prepaid and postpaid SIM cards provide a choice of card numbers with four variants such as regular or free, Silver with a price range of up to IDR 50,000, Gold with a price range of IDR 200,000 to 500,000 and Platinum priced at IDR 5 million.

Interestingly, each IM3 SIM card purchase product provides various bonuses in the form of OVO, GoPay and Tokopedia vouchers worth IDR 20,000 for prepaid and IDR 100,000 for postpaid. This offer is valid until November 2023.

In addition to the additional coupons, buyers of IM3 starter packs for physical cards and eSIMs will also receive a discount on shipping costs throughout Indonesia, IDR 6,000 IMKas, 30 days of free access to Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition and 3 months of free access to IMSecure .

In addition, every purchase of an IM3 starter pack also offers a wide variety of Internet packages with quota variations priced according to needs. Additionally, it provides a bonus limit that can be used 24 hours across all networks without having to claim.


Internet package selection with the purchase of an IM3 starter card starts at IDR 50,000 with a 15GB Freedom Internet main quota, IDR 75,000 with a 25GB Freedom Internet main quota and IDR 100,000 with a 50GB Free Internet main quota.

It includes a bonus of unlimited phone calls to fellow IM3 and Tri users as well as the Pulsa Safe feature which is supported that can continue to access the Internet even after the limit is used up without having to worry about reducing the credit balance.

In terms of payment methods, buyers of IM3 starter packs for physical cards and eSIMs at can use various transaction options, such as using e-wallets, M-Banking transfers and many others.

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