There is a discount! JBL launches TWS earphones with touchscreen case and new earphones in Indonesia

Gadgetren – JBL Indonesia has officially introduced its two newest audio devices through its JBL Tour series products, which include the JBL Tour PRO 2 and the JBL Tour ONE M2.

The two audio devices can be purchased online in Indonesia through the shopping site. As an attractive offer, both get discounted prices and free gift bonuses.

For a price JBL Tour PRO 2 during the promotion, the price is IDR 4,499,000 from the regular price of IDR 4,999,000, while the JBL Tour ONE M2 comes with a promotional price of IDR 4,699,000 from the regular price of IDR 5,499,000.

In addition to online, the JBL Tour series can also be purchased offline through JBL stores and its official partners throughout Indonesia. In addition, buyers will receive a bonus in the form of a leather case and a 5,000 mAh InfinityLab Powerbank with every purchase of the JBL Tour PRO 2.

While for purchase JBL Tour ONE M2 there’s an attractive bonus in the form of the InfinityLab Powerbank 5000mAh. There are two color options that users can choose from each JBL Tour series, namely black and silver.

The featured JBL Tour series offers sophisticated features in both design and sound personalization. Especially in the JBL Tour PRO 2 which features a smart charging case in the form of a touch screen to manage sound system settings and productivity.

The smart charging case on the JBL Tour PRO 2 is claimed to be a world first. The touchscreen built into the front of the TWS earphone case itself is 1.45″ in size with an LED panel.


On the screen, there are functions such as volume, change or play music, spatial sound, ambient sound, to display notifications on mobile phones, such as WhatsApp, SMS, incoming calls and emails.

Then you can also adjust the screen brightness level, flashlight, Find My Buds, Equalizer, wallpaper, Voiceaware, silent mode, to the status of the duration of an ongoing video call or phone call.

The unique smart case on the JBL Tour PRO 2 can also be used on devices such as computers, laptops, smart TVs and more, so users can personalize music on the case screen without touching the connected device.


The JBL Tour PRO 2 charging case has a battery capacity of 850 mAh which can be charged via the USB Type C port or wirelessly. At full power, listening to music with the TWS headphones is said to last up to 8 hours with ANC on.

As for the dynamic driver, the JBL Tour PRO 2 uses a 10mm driver that is also equipped with six microphones in both earpieces. Meanwhile, the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones use a 40mm driver equipped with four microphones. Both JBL Tour sound series are also powered by JBL PRO Sound.

Meanwhile, the JBL Tour ONE M2 headphones have a battery capacity of 920mAh, which can also be charged via a USB Type C cable. The battery of the headphones is claimed to last up to 30 hours with the ANC mode active for listening to music.


In addition to wireless, JBL headphones can also be connected with the cable provided in the purchase package. Using Bluetooth 5.3, you can control all the features of the JBL Tour series through the free JBL Headphones app.

The difference is that the audio capabilities of the JBL Tour ONE M2 can only be managed through the app. While all available features are exactly the same with True Adaptive Noise Canceling with ANC and customizable ambient sound.

Additionally, Personi-fi 2.0 by HARMAN is available for independently adjustable voice pickup, spatial audio, Smart Talk to hear other people talking, Low volume Dynamic EQ to eliminate bass and more.

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