There is IDR 200,000 cashback, Bank Digital blu by BCA Digital launches an investment feature

Gadgetren – Entering its second year, blu digital bank developed by PT BCA Digital has officially launched its newest feature, namely bluInvest.

The bluInvest feature is the result of the collaboration between BCA Digital together with Moduit and FUNDtastic. This feature is designed to be a reference point for users to easily invest using blu app in the form of mutual funds, bonds or other investment products.

Interestingly, Blu is currently offering various attractive promotions until June 30, 2023, in which users who subscribe to Blu on the Moduit or FUNDtastic apps will receive cashback rewards in the form of mutual fund shares up to IDR 200,000 with a minimum purchase of IDR 250,000 IDR.

Meanwhile, old users can get cashback on these mutual fund shares up to IDR 125,000 with a minimum purchase starting at IDR 250,000. Apart from this, blu users can also opt for automatic DCA program from FUNDtastic and also use referral code EMONXBLU to get various other attractive offers.

For those of you who don’t have a Blu account, you can download the Blu app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Then you can first register directly on the Blu app without having to have a BCA account.


Meanwhile for those who already have a Blu account and are installing blue app on mobile phones, you can sign up for bluInvest services to invest by linking your blu account with bluInvest partners i.e. Moduit and FUNDtastic

How to register and link a Moduit or FUNDtastic account to the blu app

  • Open the Blu app on your phone.
  • Insert page Portfolioand then press the menu button Investment.
  • Puncture start investing.
  • Select the overlay menu between FUNDtastic the It was modified.
  • Puncture connect-connect
  • If you don’t have an account yet FUNDtastic You can follow the registration instructions by filling in your personal details through the Blu app.
  • As for registration It was modified it will redirect directly to the app It was modified.
  • Once registered and verified in the application FUNDtastic the Modified, you can just tap account connection.
  • Information will then be displayed if your account is registered to APERD (Fund Sales Representative).
  • Choose more.
  • you will receive OTP codes sent by APERD to be imported into the blu application.

As additional information, investment instruments and wealth management services can be purchased on the Moduit and FUNDtastic apps using blu as a payment method.

Lanny Budiati, as Main Director of BCA Digital, said the investments can help Blue customers achieve their financial goals. “For example, preparing for a master’s or PhD, wedding expenses, retirement expenses or starting a business. Through the return value derived from the investment, clients can use bluInvest to achieve their various financial goals,” he explained.

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