These are 5 interesting features offered by the latest Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

Gadgetren – Samsung has just launched its newest, most sophisticated line of smart TVs, namely the Neo QLED 8K model along with other models such as the Neo QLED 4K and OLED.

In Indonesia, 8K Neo QLED panel smart TVs are priced from around IDR 27,999,000 to IDR 129,999,000 consisting of various sizes including 85″ (QN900C), 75″ (QN8000C), 65″ (QN8000C and 65″).

All these 8K Neo QLED TV models can be purchased in Indonesia through the official online sales channel on the website or through official Samsung stores or partner retailers.

Physically, the design of this Neo QLED 8K TV features a full screen that appears to be bezel-less, making it look premium. It is only 17.8 mm thick and has a stand or legs in the middle so that the TV can be placed on a table.

Even the Neo QLED 8K TV on the back of the body has no protrusions. This TV is said to be able to display high-quality content equivalent to 8K with textures, richer details and minimal noise thanks to the Neural Quantum Processor 8K technology.

Apart from this, the Neo QLED 8K TV also offers five interesting features that buyers can consider getting their hands on. These five features are introduced to maximize the content being streamed so that users have a better viewing experience than the previous generation. The five interesting features of the Neo QLED 8K TV are as follows.

Five interesting features offered by the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

Improved upgrade AI


The Neo QLED 8K TV is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) so that this TV can display high definition content thanks to the 8K AI upgrade. This technology, which was introduced in 2019, will have 20 neural networks in 2022 to be able to analyze content and improve its quality.

Now AI Upscaling is increased by adding 44 more neural networks, so that it becomes 64. Thus, its ability to perform upscaling is claimed to be more accurate and precise.

8K AI Upscaling is technically tasked with collecting and studying various features of the content based on its type and then storing it in a database. The system then uses this database to process similar types of images at a higher resolution and reduce image damage or noise.

View high resolution content


Neo QLED 8K TV in 2023 now consists of a total of 33 million pixels, which is four times the number of pixels built into a 4K display in 2023. With this number of pixels, users can watch images with eye-popping quality them.

In addition, the Neo QLED 8K TV uses Quantum Matrix Technology Pro image processing with 14-bit HDR contrast that can create high contrast and images that are very realistic or as the eye sees the original.

To get detailed picture details, Neo QLED 8K uses an AI algorithm from Real Depth Enhancer Pro which is tasked with finding where the user’s eyes are most focused and will increase the depth so they can enjoy shows with 3D effects .

In addition to increasing the contrast, color and brightness of SDR content to HDR levels, the Neo QLED 8K also provides an Auto HDR Remastering function to produce sharp and colorful videos. The colors on the Neo QLED 8K have also been validated by Pantone certification, so users can enjoy shows with accurate and vivid colors.

Safe on the eyes


Watching TV certainly cannot be separated from eye health. To protect the user’s eyes from exposure to light that can damage or tire the eyes, Neo QLED 8K supports EyeComfort and anti-glare functions.

By enabling the Eye-Comfort Mode, users can watch shows with the appropriate brightness level. This function can adjust the brightness of the screen based on the lighting of the environment in which the TV is located, including using Indonesian weather, sunrise and sunset data.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Reflection function is responsible for reducing the reflection of light from any corner in the room, so that users can watch from anywhere with an on-screen display that is still clearly visible and the eyes are not tired easily.

Liver sound with 3D Surround sound


While enjoying watching Neo QLED 8K broadcasts of course, don’t forget to be augmented by multi-directional speakers with Dolby Atmos technology and Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) to create dynamic 3D surround sound.

This new TV can also be connected to the Samsung Soundbar ecosystem, for example the type HW-Q990C that offers the Q-Symphony 3.0 feature to be able to harmonize the sound emitted by the TV speakers with the Soundbar so that it is like in a cinema.

Four screens simultaneously for different content

Interestingly, with the Multi View function, the Neo QLED 8K TV can be divided into four screens at the same time, which can display different content for family members at home, so that all members can watch their favorite shows.

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