These are 6 pros and cons of the itel A60s – An interesting entry phone

Gadgetren – Through some social media channels, itel Mobile has officially announced the launch of an entry-level device named itel A60s in Indonesia.

This device is quite interesting because it only costs IDR 929,000 during the promotion or IDR 1,099,000 for the regular price. Even though it is very cheap, the specifications and support that Itel A60s comes with are very tempting.

Those of us looking for cheap cell phones can immediately think of the Itel A60s as an alternative. But if you still have doubts, we can also take a first look at the pros and cons of these devices.

Advantages of itel A60s

1. Certified features

With an introductory price of less than Rp. 1 million, the A60s is a launch device with quite capable support. One of these devices even has a fingerprint scanner feature.

Using the fingerprint scanner feature on the Itel A60s is also very tempting. Besides the ability to make access to the main screen more practical, some mobile phones with equivalent or slightly higher prices sometimes still do not have it.

To support the use of two mobile numbers at the same time, the input device is also equipped with a special card slot. So we can install two SIMs while adding a Micro SD to expand the storage space without leaving one of them behind.

Apart from this, a number of standard entry-level mobile phone features are also present in the device. itel A60s which still comes with 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth, WiFi, even 4G network connection as support.

2. Large battery

As a new entry-level option, the itel A60s device is also trying to entice users by offering a jumbo battery as its advantage. It is even noted that the mobile phone has a power storage capacity of 5,000 mAh.

As we all know, mobile phones have become mandatory devices that every user will carry everywhere. The large battery capacity can definitely be very useful because we can move more freely without worrying that the device will run out quickly.

3. Extended RAM

What is no less interesting, the memory support in Itel A60s is also quite capable. This device is equipped with 4 GB of RAM which is technically sufficient for today’s use.

Especially if you need better features, the Itel A60s is also equipped with a RAM upgrade option. The device in particular has the option to use part of the media storage space as virtual memory of up to 4 GB capacity. So the total RAM could be 8 GB.

Technically, the larger RAM capacity allows us to move more smoothly. itel itself claims that 8 GB of memory space is enough to run up to 11 applications simultaneously and load the system 20 percent faster.

4. Complete Sales Package

Even though it’s priced at a very affordable price point, the A60s still has a pretty complete selling package. That’s why we no longer need to buy a lot of auxiliary accessories, so that using the device is more comfortable.

In the sales box, the Itel A60s itself will be dragged with a 10W speed charger, data cable, protective case, screen protection layer that attaches directly to the device, as well as a card slot opener as an accessory.

For the first 300 buyers of the device, itel is also offering some accessories as extra prizes. In this case they will have the opportunity to acquire headphones or a smartwatch depending on availability.

Missing itel A60s

1. You still rely on legacy cable interface

Behind a number of advantages, ital A60s is unfortunately not a perfect device. This mobile phone also carries a number of aspects that are quite behind as adjustments as devices in the entry category in general.

The Itel A60s charging and data transfer interface is one of them. To support this need, this mobile phone is recorded to still rely on the Micro USB connector, which has been the mainstay of various devices in the past.

Compared to the widely adopted USB Type-C, Micro USB is less flexible because the installation cannot be reversed. Besides, we may also need to bring more types of data cables if the other devices we have have different connectors.

2. It runs on Android 12

The itel A60s also runs with a system interface called itelOS 8.6. This is very unfortunate because Itel is still using Android 12 as a development base even though Android 13 has been available to the public for quite some time.

Actually it doesn’t matter if you launch the itel A60s with this old OS as long as there is a guarantee for future updates like the ones implemented by several manufacturers. Itel unfortunately does not do this.

I personally think the update guarantee is very important for today’s usage. In addition to a number of brand new features, the city will also be calmer because data security will be improved in general.

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