These are 8 pros and cons of Infinix Note 30 – Attractive options in the IDR 2 million category

Gadgetren – Infinix has strengthened its grip on Indonesia’s mid-range smartphone market by launching a new device called the Infinix Note 30 on June 8, 2023.

Infinix’s new device also looks quite interesting. Not only because it contains high specifications, its features and support can be said to be very comprehensive for a mobile priced at IDR 2,499,000 or even cheaper during the promotion.

So it’s no wonder some of us are instantly interested in proposing to her. It’s just that we don’t forget to consider the pros and cons of the cell phone first.

Advantages of Infinix Note 30

1. Kitchen Aisle Reliable

Relying on the MediaTek Helio G99 (6nm) that can run up to 2.2GHz, the Infinix Note 30 can also be an option for those of us looking for a high-performance mobile phone at a fairly affordable price.

The Helio G99 itself includes a powerful mid-range performance chipset. Devices based on it are often able to penetrate scores of more than 375 thousand in the AnTuTu v9 benchmark test, also known as capable of beating products in their class.

In the Infinix Note 30, this mid-range chipset is also paired with a very large memory configuration. The new mobile phone is listed to have a RAM capacity of 8 and an internal storage medium of 256 GB.

If that is still missing, the Infinix Note 30 also supports memory expansion. There is a MemFusion feature that can be used to increase RAM capacity with up to 8GB of virtual memory and an external memory card slot for storage expansion.

2. Multimedia Ready

Playing games with the Infinix Note 30 will also be fun because it supports a large screen. This Rp 2 million mobile phone. it comes with a 6.78-inch IPS panel that has a Full HD + (2460 x 1080 pixels) resolution.

The display panel used also supports a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which technically should be able to display animations according to the highest settings in today’s games. In addition, the Infinix Note 30 has also been certified by TUV Rheinland for eye protection.

Not only playing games, this mobile will also be very suitable for watching videos or listening to music. The Infinix Note 30 also features dual speakers tuned by JBL. There is also a Hi-Res audio certificate to support high-resolution audio playback.

3. Certified battery and charging

For all-day activities, the Infinix Note 30 can also be quite a suitable choice. This mobile phone is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery that can last a longer cycle of use before running out.

In addition, there is support for 45W All-Round FastCharge if we are forced to charge. This technology will be able to shorten the charging time, which only takes 30 minutes to fill up to 75 percent.

Those of us who like to use our cell phones while charging don’t have to worry about it breaking quickly. The Infinix Note 30 is said to feature a Bypass Charge feature, which is claimed to be more effective at maintaining temperature when the device is connected to charge while running heavy applications such as games.

4. Bodi Premium

Although it is only priced at IDR 2 million, the Infinix Note 30 also has a premium-looking body. This can be seen from the back cover which already uses glass material like high-priced mobile phones.

In addition, the Infinix Note 30 also uses a modern design. With flat sides, the new device will also add an alternative option to the phone line-up similar to the new generation of iPhones.

The premium impression of the Infinix Note 30 will also become more and more noticeable with the splash and dust resistant features also provided. The phone manages to pack an IP53 certificate to prove its reliability in more usage conditions.

5. Comprehensive features

In addition to MemFusion, MicroSD card slot, Hi-Res support, 45W charging and IP53 certificate, there are several functions that are no less complete than the Infinix Note 30 than other phones in the class. Among us, we can still find USB Type-C, fingerprint scanning and reverse charging functions.

Those of us who need NFC (Near Field Communication) support to check e-money card balances, make cashless payments, transfer data or connect accessories can also get it from this mobile phone.

Cons of Infinix Note 30

1. The plastic frame gets dirty

Behind the premium body it carries, the Infinix Note 30 unfortunately has drawbacks. This mobile still uses a side panel with plastic material that is glossy to look like metal.

There is nothing wrong with this hardware, recalling that the price of the Infinix Note 30 is indeed very affordable. It’s just that the glossy frame makes it easy for the side of the phone to look dirty from fingerprints, even though the back is gone.

The good news is that the Infinix Note 30 sales package is pretty comprehensive. We can still find additional protective case components that can be used to cover this deficiency. So the sides of the device will no longer get dirty easily.

2. It does not have a notification LED

Featuring a panel with a hole-shaped camera hole, the Infinix Note 30 also has to give up the absence of a notification LED that some really need. That’s why we have to turn on the screen even just to check if there are any notifications or not.

3. Too much Bloatware

With XOS 13, Infinix Note 30 can really be an alternative for those of us who want to try Android 13 mobile phones. The new generation system interface made by Infinix also supports various functions that make it easier for users.

But unfortunately, these various features come with a very large amount of bloatware. Infinix not only installs applications made by itself but also by third parties that often have overlapping functions.

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