These are 8 pros and cons of iQOO Z7 5G – It looks very attractive

Gadgetren – After playing in the high-end through the iQOO 11 5G, now iQOO has entered the mid-range by introducing the iQOO Z7 5G in Indonesia.

To provide options to the public, this device comes in two variants consisting of 8GB RAM + 128GB storage for IDR 4,299,000 and 12GB RAM + 256GB storage for IDR 4,899,000.

With the price offered, of course the capacity offered is somewhat relieved. Meanwhile, the iQOO Z7 5G also uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 782G chipset that supports 5G networks with download speeds of up to 3.7 Gbps and uploads of up to 1.6 Gbps.

Advantages of iQOO Z7 5G

1. Run apps smoothly in Multitasking

The iQOO Z7 5G corridor is entrusted with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 782G chipset, which can run games and applications smoothly, while having efficient battery power consumption.

Even based on iQOO’s internal tests with AnTuTu Benchmark v9.5.9, the iQOO Z7 5G managed to get a score of 593,000 points, which is high for a mid-range 5G smartphone.

This device is also equipped with a liquid cooling system that has 10 layers of outstanding large plates and Super Thermal Gel which is claimed to be able to reduce the CPU core temperature by up to 15TheC so it still feels cool when running games or apps for a long time.

iQOO Z7 5G

The RAM with an option of 8GB or 12GB will make multitasking activities run smoothly without any issues. Additionally, there is a RAM expansion feature that can borrow free internal storage to become Virtual RAM up to 8GB.

While the internal storage provided is quite relieved with the option of 128GB or 256GB. This device also comes with X-Axis linear motor that can provide intense vibration feedback with fast motor response.

There is also a 4D vibration which is a special vibration for game actions like shooting to make it feel more real. The presence of sensory game controls allows the user to adjust the movement or tilt of the hand as button mapping to achieve more features, thus making the gaming experience more immersive.

2. High refresh rate screen

The iQOO Z7 5G features a 6.64-inch IPS LCD front display with HDR10 support, 100% Color Gamut P3 and Full HD+ (2388 x 1080 pixels) resolution.

iQOO Z7 5G

The Eye Care function can provide eye protection from blue light radiation, so you don’t get tired quickly when looking at the screen for a long time. Using a 120Hz refresh rate allows the screen to display smooth transitions between menus and game animations.

There’s even an Adaptive Refresh Rate feature that allows the speed to automatically adjust depending on the content being viewed, from the web, videos, games and more. iQOO also claims that the finger touch response on the screen is highly accurate.

3. The design looks aesthetic

The iQOO Z7 5G has an aesthetic design that comes with an attractive color band. Matrix Blue presents color gradations of blue, red, purple and white, which change depending on the viewing angle and the direction of the light reflection.

iQOO Z7 5G

While Metallic Gray emits gradations of black and gray that appear calm to the naked eye. Still on the back, there is a double Halo ring design with two big circles on the box which makes it look attractive.

The big circle at the top is where the main camera is, and the big circle at the bottom is for the depth camera. Right next to the bezel is the LED Flash and the words OIS Photography High Definition.

4. 64MP main camera with OIS

The iQOO Z7 5G is equipped with two rear cameras consisting of a 64 MP main camera and a 2 MP depth camera that can instantly produce portrait photos.

The 64 MP main camera is equipped to produce clear quality photos. There is also a Super Night mode that makes night photos bright and with minimal noise.

iQOO Z7 5G

Super Night Mode uses the latest night noise cancellation algorithm combined with AI learning algorithm to improve image quality and make the display clearer in low or complex lighting environment.

The camera app is also equipped with Super Moon mode plus an AI algorithm for photographing the moon. Meanwhile, the iQOO Z7 5G main camera is equipped with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) that allows video recording to remain stable even when moving or running.

The iQOO Z7 5G’s 16 MP front camera is supported by an AI chip so it can optimize the main details of the subject, which makes the hair more vigorous and the skin texture smoother in the selfies you take.

5. Champion Flash Charge 120W

With a 5,000 mAh battery as the source of its life force, the iQOO Z7 5G is claimed to last almost all day in normal use, especially for daily activities.

Meanwhile, the battery is expected to last 6.07 hours to play games, 18.06 hours to stream videos, 24.47 hours to Facebook or 58.64 hours to play songs.

Charging iQOO Z7 5G

Interestingly, the iQOO Z7 5G is equipped with a 120W Flash Charge function that charges the battery from 0% to 100% in 26 minutes. This naturally makes users not have to wait time while charging, especially for those who have a loaded program.

iQOO also claims that the introduced FlashCharge feature has a good level of safety so that it doesn’t damage the battery quickly.

6. Equipped with advanced features

iQOO introduced two super-linear speakers that can produce stereo sound to provide a more immersive video viewing experience and can play games.

There is also a sound field expansion algorithm that spans from 80The the 120The thus providing an exposed backdrop and a more realistic human voice.

iQOO Z7 5G (1)

As a mid-range mobile phone at the moment, the iQOO Z7 5G is equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communication) function to support daily needs such as checking or topping up e-money card balances.

The fingerprint sensor is on the side along with the power button for easy access. As for Funtouch OS 13 based on Android 13 which has a simple interface built in from the ground up.

Cons of iQOO Z7 5G

1. Don’t have an ultrawide or macro camera

Priced at IDR 4 million, iQOO does not introduce additional cameras such as ultrawide and macro on the iQOO Z7 5G. Although it is clear that this type of camera has an important function for today’s photography needs.

The ultra-wide camera will be able to facilitate the production of wide-area photos without the hassle of using the Panorama mode. Similarly, the macro camera has the ability to capture objects at close range.


2. No microSD slot

With a large internal storage space, the microSD slot is chosen not to be present on the iQOO Z7 5G. However, in the absence of a microSD slot, users naturally have to make the most of the available storage space.

An alternative is to take advantage of cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and others, so that the storage capacity of the mobile phone does not fill up quickly.

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