These are 9 important features of Samsung Galaxy A24 that you should know

Gadgetren – Priced at IDR 3,499,000, the Samsung Galaxy A24 comes with powerful specifications and unique color variants as a lower mid-range mobile phone.

There is also multi-camera support that makes it easy for users to capture important, unrepeatable moments during a journey from the starting location to the destination.

This device is equipped with a large capacity battery so that it can be used for a long time. If you’re interested in making a proposal on the Galaxy A24, the Gadgetren team, in addition to its review, will also reveal a variety of interesting features that its users should be aware of.

1. Photo in various modes

On the photography front, the Samsung Galaxy A24 supports three rear cameras consisting of a 50 MP main camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), 5 MP ultrawide and 2 MP macro.

You can take advantage of the main camera to create good quality photos. There is also a Portrait mode that can make photos with the subject in focus and the background having a bokeh effect.

Samsung Galaxy A24 - Rear Camera

You can also enable Night mode to create brighter night photos and less noise compared to shooting using auto mode.

Equally important, there is an ultra-wide camera that can be used to produce wide-area photos without the need to use the Panorama mode, making it more practical to take photos with a wider angle of view.

2. Game Booster

Samsung Galaxy A24 - Game Booster

When playing games on the Samsung Galaxy A24, you can take advantage of the Game Booster hidden at the bottom of the screen. In Game Booster, there are various tools that can make your gaming experience more immersive.

One of them is Priority Mode which can set the mobile to block incoming calls and all notifications except alarms to avoid distractions when playing games.

There is also Monitoring Temperature / Monitoring Memory which can set the mobile to automatically make settings to prevent the device from overheating and stop apps from running in the background when the RAM is not sufficient (also use RAM Plus as a solution).

3. Dark mode

Samsung Galaxy A24 - Dark Mode

By default, the Samsung Galaxy A24 is equipped with a Dark Mode function that allows the interface to appear and some applications have a dark or black background.

Dark Mode will really feel its power when you’re enjoying content in low light or at night. Thus, the screen will not quickly tire your eyes because the displayed content is not too bright as when the background is white.

4. Screenshot with gesture

Samsung Galaxy A24 - Screen half down

From the first time it was activated, the Palm Swipe to Capture feature was immediately active on the Samsung Galaxy A24. This feature allows you to take screenshots by swiping the screen from left to right or vice versa using your palms pressed together vertically like a knife.

Thanks to the presence of this feature, you don’t have to use the Power + Volume Down button combination which has other vital functions like turning off and turning on the mobile phone.

Apart from using the Swipe Palm to Capture feature, you can actually access the Screenshot button through the Quick Settings which is no less practical to use.

5. Split screen and floating windows

Samsung Galaxy A24 - Split screen

Split Screen is a feature that should be used by Samsung Galaxy A24 users because it allows running two apps on one screen at the same time. For example, you can chat on WhatsApp while watching YouTube videos.

Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy A24 is also equipped with a Floating Windows feature that can later open multiple apps simultaneously on the screen in the form of a floating window. So you can set the appropriate position so that the use of the application becomes more optimal.

The presence of Split Screen and Floating Windows features will definitely make it easier for you to do multitasking activities, both in communicating with other people and performing tasks.

6. Full HD quality video streaming

Samsung Galaxy A24 - Netflix

The Samsung Galaxy A24 has received Widevine L1 certification, which makes its display capable of displaying Full HD (1080p) resolution videos from streaming service apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, VIU, YouTube and others.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A24 is equipped with a 6.5-inch screen with a Super AMOLED panel and Full HD + resolution (2340 x 1080 pixels), making the video stream with Full HD resolution bright and clear.

It should be noted that if a mobile phone does not have Widevine L1 certification, the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video applications will not display Full HD quality videos, even though the screen supports Full HD + resolution.

7. Scan QR code

Samsung Galaxy A24 - Scan QR Code

In the Quick Settings on the Samsung Galaxy A24, a Scan QR Code button is available directly which will run the default camera app that will be used to scan the QR code.

This way you can quickly open the data or links contained in the QR Code. To access the Quick Settings yourself, you just need to swipe from top to bottom using one finger. Later in Quick Settings there are several buttons, one of which is Scan QR Code.

8. NFC (Near Field Communication)

Samsung Galaxy A24 - NFC

The Samsung Galaxy A24 is equipped with an NFC function that allows you to make digital payments, check or top up e-money card balances and transfer data quickly.

To turn NFC on or off, you can tap the NFC button again in Quick Settings to turn it on. In addition, you can only bring electronic money cards or other devices on the back of the mobile phone that has an NFC sensor.

After the e-money card is read by the NFC sensor, information about the balance on it will be displayed. It should be noted that in order to check or top up balances from e-money cards, you need to install some applications such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and others.

9. Nearby sharing

Samsung Galaxy A24 - Sharing nearby ok

Nearby Share is generally available on various Android-based mobile phones today, including the Samsung Galaxy A24. With this feature you can send data quickly between mobile phones.

How to use Nearby Share is also very easy when the receiving and sending mobile phones need to enable Nearby Share. Later the two phones can exchange data directly between each other quickly and conveniently.

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