These are the 5 pros and cons of ADVAN Tab VX Lite – Entry Tablet Ready for Gaming

Gadgetren – ADVAN Indonesia has finally renewed its tablet line. Named ADVAN Tab VX Lite, the device can already be recommended on several e-commerce platforms.

As the name suggests, this device is a Lite version of the ADVAN Tab VX that was released in late 2021. Of course there are some adjustments since the price is now more affordable.

Available at a price of IDR 2,399,000, which can be changed to IDR 1,999,000 during a promotion, the ADVAN Tab VX Lite can also be an interesting alternative when you need a new tablet.

It’s just that we still have to be careful about its pros and cons, given that the price is still relatively affordable to be more competitive with tablets like the Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite compared to high-end tablets.

Advantages of ADVAN Tab VX Lite

1. Stunning display

Those planning to propose on the ADVAN Tab VX Lite will surely fall in love with it after seeing the display specifications. How could it not be, the entry-level tablet device is because it already has a screen with a fairly wide IPS panel.

Just like the ADVAN Tab VX that preceded it, this device also features a 10.4-inch landscape display with WUXGA+ (2000 x 1200 pixels) resolution. This means the tablet can display content at up to 2K quality, making it very competitive with tablets on the market.

Various kinds of activities will definitely feel good with a tablet that has sharp resolution images. You can also rely on the ADVAN Tab VX Lite display for all your needs, from typing, video conferencing, playing games to watching videos.

2. Certified performance

ADVAN Tab VX Lite, moreover, is also equipped with a kitchen aisle configuration that can be considered very good. The locally made device is even claimed to be a tablet that is ready to be used to play games with skill.

For those of you who don’t know, ADVAN Tab VX Lite comes with Unisoc T618 (12nm) with speeds up to 2.0 GHz. This chipset is indeed reliable enough to support various types of tasks and data processing. However, it should be noted that the Unisoc T618 still has performance limitations for heavier activities, such as some high-graphics games.

In ADVAN Tab VX Lite, this chipset is paired with 6GB of RAM as support so you can open more apps at once. There is also an internal storage of 128 GB which is ready to accommodate various kinds of data belonging to the users.

3. Bring SIM card support

Interestingly enough, this ADVAN tablet device is also still equipped with dual SIM card slot support. So we can stay connected with different kinds of mobile services that we used in the past like cell phones where the average tablet only offers WiFi options.

In addition, sometimes the availability of a SIM card slot on a tablet is necessary. Those of us who don’t have internet subscriptions at home or rarely have access to public WiFi, for example, can still surf the web using mobile networks so we don’t have to depend on WiFi.

Cons of ADVAN Tab VX Lite

1. Hybrid card slot

Despite offering two SIM card slots, the ADVAN Tab VX Lite unfortunately carries a hybrid concept. Those of you who intend to use two MicroSD numbers at the same time as external storage media, you are forced to choose one of them.

This deficiency is of course still very understandable, because most of us might not think of buying the ADVAN Tab VX Lite as a mobile phone replacement. But just the opposite, i.e. as a companion to complement it in certain usage scenarios.

2. Charging will take a long time

With a battery capacity of 6,000mAh, ADVAN Tab VX Lite is indeed able to provide better power support. It just might bother us a bit because the charging technology that ADVAN incorporates is still too low for a battery with such a large capacity.

The ADVAN Tab VX Lite tablet still uses standard charging technology with a power of 10W (5V 2A), which is quite low for a device released in 2023. Therefore, the charging process will take a long time so that the device cannot used immediately to continue activities when the battery runs out.

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