These are the 7 pros and cons of the Infinix HOT 30i – It could be a new standard in the entry-level segment

Gadgetren – Launched in Indonesia with a starting price of IDR 1,449,000, the Infinix HOT 30i can certainly be an alternative that is no less tempting with its specs.

The entry-level device from Infinix also includes a number of excellent supports that generally put phones above it. So you could say it’s more complete than some products from other brands that cost less than Rp 1.5 million.

These great features are the strong points of Infinix HOT 30i. Those of us who are planning to propose on this mobile can also consider it as hardware to make our hearts stronger later.

Advantages of Infinix HOT 30i

1. Large and expandable memory

Infinix HOT 30i one of them knocks on the door of the entry category with a very large memory configuration. If most devices under 1.5 million Rp. still use less than 4GB of RAM, these phones have 8GB capacity.

With a large RAM capacity, the Infinix HOT 30i will be technically easier when used for multitasking. The device will be able to multitask or run a number of apps smoothly behind the scenes.

Although it already has a large amount of RAM, the Infinix HOT 30i is also equipped with an interesting Extended RAM feature that can expand its capacity with an additional virtual up to 8 GB. It will be very helpful if you feel that the memory is still lacking.

On the other hand, the Infinix HOT 30i is also equipped with 128GB of internal storage, even though most devices in its class are still below 64GB. That’s why we can store more photos, videos, documents and app data more freely.


2. Wide screen with high refresh rate

For a mobile priced under IDR 1.5 million, the Infinix HOT 30i’s display is no slouch either. This device is equipped with a 6.6-inch IPS panel that promises a wider image display.

Infinix says the panel used also has a brightness level of up to 500 nits. Combined with Dark Region Enhancement (DRE) technology, the display is claimed to be able to make images or content visible even when used outdoors.

More interestingly, the display belonging to the Infinix HOT 30i also supports a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. So in theory it will be able to present smoother looking image animations if supported by content, videos and games.

3. Large capacity battery

When we use the Infinix HOT 30i for daily activities, we don’t have to worry about the device running out of power quickly. This basic mobile phone is because it is also equipped with a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh.

The Infinix HOT 30i battery is claimed to last up to 41 days on standby, 60 hours for making phone calls, 24 hours for video streaming or 14 hours when used to play games based on Infinix’s internal lab tests.

If you forget to charge, the Infinix HOT 30i also supports Ultra Power Saving Mode that allows the battery to last longer. This function can even make the device continue to call for 2 hours or power on for 2 days in standby mode, even though the remaining power capacity is 5 percent.

4. Comprehensive features

The price below 1.5 million Rp. it also does not deter Infinix from incorporating various features into this mobile phone. Infinix HOT 30i, so it still works with support that can be considered complete.

Even one of these, Infinix still incorporates a fingerprint scanner sensor to make it easier for users to open the lock screen. The design also follows current trends where it is placed on the side with the Power button instead of the back of the body.

This mobile phone is also equipped with standard support for input devices such as a 3.5mm audio jack and a special card slot that allows users to install two numbers and MicroSD of up to 1TB capacity at the same time.

To support the charging and data transfer process, the Infinix HOT 30i also uses a USB Type-C interface. The technology on offer isn’t up to date, but at least it’s easier when you need to install a data cable compared to Micro USB.


5. High resolution main camera

At the entry-level, the Infinix HOT 30i is also backed by a high-resolution primary camera. This device in this case has up to 50MP lens coupled with AI (Artificial Intelligence) sensor as support.

The Infinix HOT 30i camera combination is definitely more than enough to capture various important moments and then upload them on social media. The 50MP resolution lens belonging to this mobile phone will technically be able to produce large-sized photos so they won’t break easily.

The download capabilities offered by the Infinix HOT 30i are also quite comprehensive. In it there is even a super slow motion or slow motion video recording mode that can handle up to 120 fps.

Cons of Infinix HOT 30i

1. Still running Android 12

As a new mobile phone released in 2023, the Infinix HOT 30i unfortunately still uses the Android 12 operating system, which in this case is wrapped with the XOS 12 interface. Although Android 13 is already released and is a mainstay for many devices.

Using the Android 12 system is actually not a big problem because it can be solved with an update. It’s just that if you look at the previous Infinix mobile phones, there is no guarantee that the Infinix HOT 30i will get it.

This is very unfortunate because several brands have offered updates for at least two generations of the Android OS. Some of them even ensure that their devices will receive increased security patches for up to four years.

2. Fingerprint magnets

Because it is made with a glossy coating, the body of the Infinix HOT 30i unfortunately gets dirty more easily due to fingerprints. We may need to prepare a special tissue or cloth so that the device always looks clean.

The good news is that the Infinix HOT 30i sales package is very comprehensive. Inside the box there is already a case that can be used to protect the back of the device so that it doesn’t get dirty easily due to fingerprints or other dirt.

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