These are the 7 Pros and Cons of the Infinix Note 30 Pro – Cheap Mobile Phone with Premium Features

Gadgetren – Infinix managed to surprise a lot of people by bringing the Infinix Note 30 Pro along with its regular version to Indonesia in the launch session held on June 8, 2023.

True to its name, the Infinix device can also be an option for those of us who need a new mobile phone with better support. We just really have to spend more money than the regular version to propose to her.

Infinix itself sets the mobile phone at a regular price of Rp 3,099,000. or it may be slightly cheaper during promotions. However, like most mid-range devices, the Infinix Note 30 Pro also has pros and cons that should be considered before you go for it.

The advantages of the Infinix Note 30 Pro

1. Advanced charging support

Talking about the advantages, charging is one of the supports of the Infinix Note 30 Pro that we cannot miss. This is because the technology used to support the 5,000 mAh battery is very complete and up-to-date.

Although its price is only Rp. 3 million, the Infinix Note 30 Pro, for example, already has 68W All-Round FastCharge charging technology. So you can charge your battery for a shorter time when the device runs out, because you won’t have to wait long.

This technology is claimed to be able to charge the Infinix Note 30 Pro’s battery up to 80 percent capacity in just 30 minutes. When forced, the charging process for 5 minutes can make the device last up to 2.1 hours to play games.

What is very tempting is that the new Infinix mobile phone is also equipped with wireless charging, although this kind of support is generally available on a limited basis at the top. It’s just that the power transfer shown is only 15W at most.

The reverse charging feature, which is a mainstay in the mid-range, is also not forgotten to be built into this mobile phone. Interestingly, we can take advantage of this support to charge other devices both wired and wirelessly.

Just like the regular version of the Infinix Note 30, this device also comes with a Bypass Charge feature. Infinix says that this technology allows us to play games with the temperature remaining constant even though the mobile phone is connected to a charging adapter, which is also very useful in maintaining the health of the battery.

Infinix Note 30 Pro Pros and Cons - Wireless Charging

2. Large memory

The next advantage of the Infinix Note 30 Pro lies in its very large memory configuration. For those of you who don’t know, this mobile comes with the support of 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage to support the many application needs.

This large memory configuration is of course sufficient for today’s use. We can already rely on the Infinix Note 30 Pro to multitask smoothly and store a lot of data or apps.

In terms of memory, the Infinix Note 30 Pro also has a feature called MemFusion, which can be used to enable up to 8GB of virtual RAM as a plug-in if it is still missing. There is also a Micro SD slot to expand the storage if you need more space.

The capabilities of the Infinix Note 30 Pro should not be underestimated. The kitchen runner used by this device has also been based on the MediaTek Helio G99 (6nm) which can be accelerated up to 2.2 GHz so it runs smoothly to play games.

3. The screen is not only wide

Following in the footsteps of previous Infinix phones, the wide screen is also one of the strengths of this device. The Infinix Note 30 Pro is also reported to use a panel that stretches up to 6.78 inches with a Full HD + resolution.

But of course, we won’t be spoiled only by the widescreen. Apart from this, the Infinix Note 30 Pro is also based on an AMOLED panel with a brightness level of up to 900 nits and supports a contrast ratio of up to 5,000,000:1.

Our eyes will also be spoiled with more visible flowing animations when watching videos or playing games, as long as the content settings support it. The display used by the Infinix Note 30 Pro also has a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz to present smoother animations.

You don’t have to worry about staring at the mobile screen for a long time. In order to protect the user’s eyes while using it, the Infinix Note 30 Pro is also equipped with TUV Rheinland protection against harmful light exposure.

4. Good media support

In addition to a charming display, the multimedia support from the Infinix Note 30 Pro is also quite complete. We will find many supporting features that can increase the comfort of use when we want to enjoy entertainment content, visual and audio.

Among them, we will find dual speakers tuned by JBL, which is one of the leading audio companies from America. Thus, the sound that the Infinix Note 30 Pro will produce while playing music, watching videos or playing games will sound better.

Not to forget, the Infinix Note 30 Pro also comes with Hi-Res audio certification. This means that the device technically supports high-resolution audio playback, which is generally very popular among audiophiles.

5. Premium Looks Body

If you need a device that looks premium but is affordable, the Infinix Note 30 Pro can be an alternative. This mobile not only has a beautiful design but also uses classy materials which are quite attractive for its price category.

Mobile phones with prices around Rp. 3 million. they normally still rely on plastic material as their back cover. However, the Infinix Note 30 Pro seems to have taken a different step because the device uses glass to give a great impression.

Pros and cons of Infinix Note 30 Pro - IP rating

In order to be used in various usage scenarios, the Infinix Note 30 Pro also has an IP53 certificate which indicates that the body of the device has better resistance to splashing water and dust, so you don’t have to worry if you are suddenly caught. rain or spilled water.

Cons of Infinix Note 30 Pro

1. Too much Bloatware

Like its sibling, Infinix Note 30 Pro also comes with XOS 13 interface running on Android 13. This mobile phone has very comprehensive features and support to help users in their activities.

Unfortunately, the features and support that XOS 13 offers are mostly in the form of bloatware or built-in apps. Among them they are not only manufactured by Infinix itself but also by third parties that sometimes have a similar function. This is of course very unfortunate, especially if not many applications are used.

2. Screen Protector is a question

Priced at Rp. 3 million, the Infinix Note 30 Pro, which comes with a charming panel, is unfortunately also not stated for sure if it uses a special protective layer like Corning Gorilla Glass or something similar. So it is very prone to scratches during use, which makes us extra careful.

The solution is that we can install additional screen protectors which are now available in a wide variety of ways on the market. In this case we can choose from screen protectors, tempered glass, to hydrogels that offer different protection characteristics.

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