These are the shots taken by the Vivo V27 5G camera in low light conditions

Gadgetren – At the Ultimate Portraits Experience with Vivo V27 Series event at Namaaz Dining Jakarta, Vivo Indonesia invited the Gadgetren team to test the capabilities of the Vivo V27 5G camera for taking photos in night or low light conditions.

This event is quite interesting because the room conditions for Namaaz Dining are rather dimly lit and they present a variety of unique Molecular Gastronomy foods in a staged set that lasts several hours.

For additional information, the Vivo V27 5G supports three rear cameras consisting of a 50 MP main camera with IMX766V sensor, 8 MP ultrawide and 2 MP macro.


To make low-light photos look clearer, there is an Aura Light Portrait mode located next to the rear camera. The Aura Light Portrait itself is a circular lamp that can add relatively even lighting when shooting at night or in low light.

Apart from these features, I also enable Night Mode on Vivo V27 5G so that I can produce photos that are brighter and have minimal noise.


vivo-V275G-Cassava Charcoal






Of all the food items captured, the Vivo V27 5G camera seems to be able to produce clear photos and get the colors right. While in many other food items, photos look more artistic because they take advantage of the properties around the table.

From the image shown, it seems that the details shown in the photo are sharp even in night conditions. Several factors allow this to happen due to the combination of the 50 MP main camera with the Sony IMX 766V sensor, the result of the collaboration between Vivo and Sony, Aura Portrait Light and the object it targets.

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