TP-Link opens the door to order RV10 Series Robot Vacuum in Indonesia

Gadgetren – Some time ago, TP-Link confirmed to the Gadgeteren team that it had expanded its product line to include home cleaners or robot vacuums in addition to introducing smart devices in the form of security cameras through VIGI and TAPO.

To prove this, now TP-Link has officially released a smart home cleaning device through its TAPO sub-brand that deals with smart home products or smart home appliances through the TAPO RV10 series.

The TAPO RV10 series comes in three robot vacuum product variants that include Robot Vacuum (TAPO RV10 Lite), Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo (TAPO RV10) and Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo + Smart Auto-Empty Dock (TAPO RV10 Plus).

Three variants of the TAPO RV10 series robot vacuum model can be ordered in Indonesia until June 24, 2023 through e-commerce, which is the official partner of TP-Link in Tokopedia. As an attractive offer, TP-Link also provides a Rp 50,000 discount coupon. for each order.

The price for the vacuum robot starts from IDR 2.3 million for the cheapest, which is the TAPO RV10 Lite type. Then for the TAPO RV10 type vacuum robot it was released at the price of IDR 2.8 million and finally for the TAPO RV10 Plus type it was sold at IDR 3.9 million.

The entire TAPO RV10 series offers the advantages of a home cleaning device that can be operated remotely with the support of the TAPO app, which can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices.

By connecting to the app, the TAPO RV10 series also provides a voice command or voice control function so that users do not need to hold the device to be able to operate it or manage it using a cleaning program both at home and outside from home.


As for the differences between each of the TAPO RV10 series, the TAPO RV10 Plus is a robot vacuum cleaner that offers full features with the presence of a four-liter capacity dust and garbage collection device that works automatically to empty or can accommodate dust or dirt up to 70 days.

All TAPO models in the RV10 series are said to be able to clean floors for up to three hours with a 2,600mAh battery capacity. The device also provides an auto-charge feature so users can charge automatically without having to hold the device manually.

The durability of the TAPO RV10 series is claimed to be able to clean various types of dirt with a suction power of 2000 Pa, including the ability to suck up pet hair, the frequently occurring dirt dust on the house floor, and more.


Especially for cleaning carpets, the TAPO RV10 series also features the Carpet Auto-Boost function, which is claimed to be able to increase the suction performance higher than floor cleaning, so that dirt is optimally sucked up.

Not to forget, the TAPO RV10 series has a feature that allows the device to avoid damage such as falling down stairs or the edge of the floor. When cleaning a room, the robot vacuum cleaner is also claimed to be noiseless, so users can stay comfortable around the cleaning machine.

Defrie D Gunawan, Marketing Manager of TP-Link Indonesia, said that we hope the TAPO RV10 series will provide a choice of robot vacuum cleaners for people who need robot vacuum cleaners with the best quality and affordable prices.

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